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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

5 Hero Mobile Legends that Similar to the Person of Mythology

Dozens of heroes in 'Mobile Legends' come with their own unique looks and skill-skills. Each hero has a different physique according to their respective roles and backgrounds. Some of the heroes have a look similar to the characters of the game or another story. You may also feel familiar with the form of some particular hero.

Well, this time we will discuss 5 Hero Mobile Legends that Similar to the Person of Mythology. You know that mythological figures are usually related to legend. Approximately what heroes are similar to mythological figures? Check out the following reviews.

5 Hero Mobile Legends that Similar to the Person of Mythology

1. Cyclops

Who does not know Cyclops? Mage this one is very inconvenient for his enemies. Its presence often makes the enemy difficult to attack because of the power of Cyslops capable of reaching the enemy from a considerable distance though.

Apparently, Cyclops has a resemblance to a mythological creature from Greece that has a giant body and one-eyed. In terms of physical Cyclops and creatures whose similar name is clearly similar. Although Cyclops is small, the story goes that Cyclops is a one-eyed giant. As for Muslims, Cyclops certainly reminds us of the dreadful creature that is Dajjal.

2. Freeya

Freeya is a special fighter hero in 'Mobile Legends' because it can only be owned by doing a top up. This one has a very dangerous power to the enemy. Resilience and strong attacks make Freeya favored many players, especially the level of difficulty was low.

Freeya apparently has a resemblance to a mythological figure who is named and is a goddess of fertility. Both have a very beautiful face, Freeya 'Mobile Legends' and Freeya in mythology also both love the battle and have wings on his back. They also have other similarities, namely strong defense and deadly attacks.

3. Minotour

Minotour is one of the most powerful tank heroes in 'Mobile Legends'. Minotour has full endurance and great attacks. Not only as a tanker, Minotour can also act as a support where Minotour can help his teammates both in attack and defend.

Minotour manifestations like the bull man are very similar to Greek mythological figures who are exposed to the curse of making a mistake. Not only have the physical equations, they also share a great power and great fighting ability.

4. Hylos

Hylos is a Mobile Legends tank hero that has been attracting the attention of the player since its inception. Hylos has the form of a half-man four-legged horse and equipped with skill-a dangerous and deadly skill. Hylos's defensive ability is also good enough to make it a strong tank.

Hylos has a resemblance to the Greek mythological creature, the Centaurus. They have a striking physical resemblance: the horse's body with the head and the human body. Both also share a great fighting ability and have strong defenses.

5. Sun

Sun is a hero fighter with a unique ability. Sun can multiply and make the enemy become confused. This hero is identical with its wand and has excellent resistance. The attack was deadly and very troublesome for the enemy.

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