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Monday, May 14, 2018

5 Hero Mobile Legends with the Most Skill

Usually, Mobile Legends heroes have three active skills as well as one passive skill, but different from the following 5 heroes which have up to 6 different active skills.

1. Zhask

The first is the Zhask. At the beginning of the release, Zhask is attracting the attention of many players Mobille Legends because Zhask has 4 active skills and 1 passive skill. With this skill, Zhask is capable of spawn monsters that will help in the game. As one of Mobile Legends heroes with the most skill, Zhask is often relied upon for having great damage, stun effect and fast push tower capability with the help of Zhask's Spawn Nightmaric.

2. Kagura

Derived from the same role as Zhask, Kagura also has many active skills with a magic umbrella owned by Kagura. This beautiful Mage Hero is indeed known as Onmyouji Master with the ability to control the umbrella. Kagura's skill, influenced by the position of the umbrella. While holding the umbrella, Kagura's skill becomes blue, while while removing the color umbrella the skill will turn purple, these two modes have different effects.

3. Lapu-Lapu

Lapu-Lapu is a hero who is from the Philippines. Lapu-lapu also features similar skills such as Kagura, Twin Blades which is a formidable weapon capable of transforming into a Heavy Sword. When using the ultimate skill, Lapu-Lapu will automatically convert the weapon into Heavy Sword mode for 15 seconds. In addition, the type of attack and skill generated also change compared when using Twin Blades mode.

4. Roger

Hero with the most skill next is Roger. Roger is a hero who is told to be a Werewolf and has a unique ability to transform form. Roger when in human mode is a Marksman, while while in wolf mode will become a Fighter. Roger has 6 active skills and 1 passive skill, from each skill having different names and effects when Roger does the transformation.

5. Selena

Hero Mobile Legends with the most recent skill is Selena. Indeed this hero has not been officially released on Original Server, but in Advance server has appeared and has been tried by some YouTuber Gaming. Based on the information found, Selena is a Hero Mage / Assassin who is the brother of Karina. Just like Roger, Selena also has transformation capabilities. The difference, Selena transformed into Abbysal, each skill effect will vary when Selena do the transformation.

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