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Thursday, May 10, 2018

5 MMORPG Games on Android Most Exciting, Which You Play?

MMORPG stands for Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. This game is one type of MMOG, which is an RPG-based game where the client player will connect to the game server in playing it. There are many players, reaching hundreds or even thousands who interact in the game.

Well, this time is the 5 MMORPG Games on Android Most Fun that you must play. Curious?

1. Lineage 2: Revolution

MMORPG game is one of the new games launched this year. This game has really cool graphics, and has some unique stuffs. For example 50 vs 50 Fortres Siege that will be very epic. However, overall this game is not much different with other MMORPG games.

2. Order and Chaos Online 2

In this game, players can choose between five races and five character classes to play. This game also has a variety of features in it such as co-op mode, and also PvP battle. Game Order an Chaos Online 2 is also a very popular game because it is one of the best and most complete graphics MMORPG game.

3. Adventure Quest 3D

This game has many features that became one of its strengths and experienced quite rapid developments such as various dungeons, bunch, and create new characters. In addition, you can also play via smartphone or PC with players and the same world. Although there are often bugs, but will not affect this super cool game and you can download for free with additional in-app purchase.

4. Dragonica Mobile

Funigloo-made game has its own charm so it can compete with other MMORPG games. Here, you can find interesting features like the ability to borrow other player characters as a help when you fight on the battlefield. In addition, you can also feel more challenges by facing other players in PvP mode, melakoni raid activities, and so forth.

5. HIT

This game is also a popular game even more popular than the games that existed above. In this game there will be many cool features like many available gear systems, simple controls, and graphics are very cool because of support Unreal Engine 4. Just like other MMORPG games, this game will also present a vast arena, creating various characters, as well interact with other players.

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