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Friday, May 11, 2018

5 Mobile Legends Facts That You Must Know

Currently the fans of the game, is hooked with one of Moonton's game titles, namely Mobile Legends. With the number of downloads that have reached 100 million (that's just in Google Play), of course Mobile Legends can be categorized as a popular game.

But, did you know that Mobile Legends has interesting facts? Here are 5 interesting facts about Mobile Legends game that you must know.

1. First MOBA using analog

Yes, Mobile Legends is indeed the first MOBA game to bring analog to drive her hero.

2. Several times problematic about copyright

Yes, Mobile Legends had a problem with copyright with one of the game developers who also developed MOBA games for PC.

3. Have lots of heroes

It's a common thing if a MOBA game has a lot of heroes that can be used by the players.

Likewise with Mobile Legends. In this game there are so many heroes that you can use. Hero-hero is divided into several roles, ranging from Assassin, Support, Tanker, to Fighter and Mage.

4. Frequent updates

As a game with a rapidly increasing number of players, it is certainly natural that Moonton regularly updates Mobile Legends.

This needs to be done so that players do not get bored quickly. Updates are usually new features, new heroes, and bug fixes.

5. Indonesia, the country with the most ML players

It's a fact that this one has become public secret, that Indonesia is a country with the most Mobile Legends player on planet earth.

One proof of the many players in Indonesia ML we can see directly. Everywhere people play ML. Everywhere there are people playing Mobile Legends.

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