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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

5 Victory Bearers in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends game has a variety of heroes that can be a hero to play. Hero-hero is grouped into 6 roles such as Marksman, Fighter, Assassin, Tank, Mage, and Support. However, there are some heroes who are often considered to be the deciding hero or the victor.

Well, here are the 5 Victory Bearers in Mobile Legends.

1. Martis


Martis is the scariest Fighter hero in this 8th season. This hero can capture the enemy, providing high damage and stun extraordinary. This will make the enemy unable to escape.

2. Johnson


Johnson is one of the most annoying heroes in Mobile Legends. Hero This tank can turn into a car and will attack the enemy suddenly. This is because Johnson will not see the map by enemies when Johnson becomes a car and gank against the enemy. In addition, this hero can also bring teammates to be able to kill the enemy.

3. Lesley


Lesley is a hero Marksman / Assassin who has very high damage. Lesley's sniper shot will make the enemy's HP drained very much. Ultimate lesley skills can also lock the enemy and will be shot with 5 shots towards the enemy. This hero is also the most dangerous hero if it has entered the late game Mobile Legends.

4. Natalia


Natalia is an Assassin hero who can disappear if Natalia stays in the bush for 5 seconds. This 2 hero skill will frustrate the enemy because Natalia has silence effect so the enemy can not escape. In addition, if already entered late game then this hero can kill enemies quickly and often targeting the enemy's Marksman hero so the team can win the war easily.

5. Angela


Angela is the most feared Support hero in Mobile Legends. This is because Angela can enter the body of teammates thanks to the Ultimate skill. With that, then the friend who entered Angela will have a strong defense and high damage. This is because Angela can attack with skill and perform heal by using skill 1.

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