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Friday, May 25, 2018

6 Hero Mobile Legends from a Elf Nation, What are the Advantages?


As a Mobile Legends player, you certainly know that all the heroes in the MOBA game have their own background. Every hero Mobile Legends comes from certain nations like human, elf, humanoid, angel, demon, and many more.

This time will discuss some of the Mobile Legends heroes of the elves. Elves are creatures of human form, but have long ears and have magical abilities. Well, here are some Mobile Legends heroes that come from the elves.

1. Miya


Marksman who is good at archery and has the ability to disappear is an elf who was born in a temple of the moon. Miya trained in the temple of the moon until it became a great archer. The amazing battle that suddenly made Miya is sent to be the leader of the elves to defeat the enemy. However, as outnumbered, the elves were forced to retreat.

2. Estes


Hero support that has the ability to heal this HP turned out to be an elf king who inhabit the kingdom in Emerald Woodland. Estes was a good king and volunteered to heal many people. However, in the battle, Estes was badly injured and had to fall asleep for healing.

3. Lolita


Lolita is a hero support that always brings a big hammer as a weapon. This one Hero was born from a nation of elves in a village far from civilization. One day, peace in the village of Lolita was destroyed by the war that took place. The Lolita family were among those killed in the battle. Instantly, Lolita became an orphaned elf.

4. Irithel


This Marksman is an elf who has a miserable life. As a child, Irithel was adopted by a kind-hearted tigress. Irithel then lives with the tigress. They train together to survive in the forest.

5. Nana


The tiny and cute Hero that acts as a mage and support in Mobile Legends is an elf cat. Nana was born in a magical forest far from civilization and blessed with great power from birth that is very dangerous magic.

6. Karina


Hero assassin who is good at controlling the sword and very horrible in this fight is an elf, but not like Miya and others, Karina is a dark elf. Dark elves have dark gray skin because it has been possessed by the energy of darkness.

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