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Friday, May 11, 2018

7 Horror Games Truly Inspired From Horror Movies

Technological advancements are growing, now there are various genres of games that can be played, such as online and offline games. From what can be played on smartphones, consoles, handhelds to PCs, but between the tens and hundreds of game genres available, there is one genre that is the most challenging game horror genre.

Noted there are some horror games are the most widely played, one of which is Slender, in this game you will be taken for adventure and in the adventure you will find various mysterious events. In addition there are also some horror games that are inspired from the movie as already summarized from We Got This Covered, below.

1. Slender: The Arrival

The supernatural horror film titled The Blair Witch Project, once casts a cinema in 1999. The film tells the story of the Slender and Slenderman myths, successfully making many people shudder while watching it. Then it is exploited carefully by the developers to make a horror movie in a PC game.

The game is called Slander: The Arrival released in 2013, as if following the success of the film, this game also achieved success, proven when first released this game immediately became prey game lovers. A little picture of this game, you will be in the darkest corner of the forest, at the same time you should avoid Slender who is ready to kill you.

2. Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned Game: Criminal Origins is a horror game that is not too scary but full of challenges, where in this game you can act as a forensic expert who is assigned to identify the corpse of murder. For the identification process you can use a variety of forensic tools and also evidence such as footprints, liquids, particles, documents, and blood should be analyzed contextually to find the main cause of the killings.

Although this game is more than 15 years old, but in fact many are still fond of games that can be played on this Xbox console. As is known this game is inspired from a film called The Silence Of The Lambs.

3. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within is touted as the best horror game that presents an interesting story as well as good visual effects. This game itself takes the theme of the story about culture or activities commonly done by westerners and Japanese. But unfortunately some of the next series is not getting a positive response from fans of the game, until finally emerged the news that the third series of this game will be pulled from the market.

4. Outlast

In the inspired game of the movie titled The Shinung, this you will be assigned to sneak into a very famous haunted mental hospital. Increasingly tense because you are only equipped with an illumination device and some weapons, you are also tasked to avoid attacks from the mysterious creature of the mental hospital to remain able to carry out the mission.

This game emphasizes psychological terror so that anyone who plays it will feel a shocking tension. Throughout the building of the former mental hospital you will find a variety of horrible things like blood splattered etc.

5. Dead By Daylight

In the game Dead By Daylight you will be treated to horrific scenes such as killers are done with a very planned, and various other terrible events. The game itself is inspired by several films, including Halloween, A Nightmare On Elm Street and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Successful game injs combine some of these movies into a very challenging storyline, so you will not get bored while playing this game. There are several characters that you can play and each character has different advantages.

6. Dead Space

Horror game released in 2008 is inspired by the movie titled Event Horizon, but unfortunately this game is getting criticism from the players because of the lack of interesting characters. From embarrassing monster designs to dark and haunted alleys of Ishimura ultrasound, to writing designs, audio, and visual effects that are less attractive.

In addition there are also many players who complained about the difficulty of completing the space mission in this game. However, this game still deserve to be called as one of the horror game the most scary though in it there are various shortcomings. One of the interesting things that you will find in this game is the visualization that takes the theme of outer space.

7. The Last Of Us

Noted there are some movies that affect this game like, 28 Days Later, The Road and The Day Of The Triffids, but apart from some of these movies the game is also inspired by some novels that also bergenre horror. As for the quality of this game, you do not need to worry because this game has been using a variety of effects, visualization, audio and graphics are good.

Even many who think that the game The Last of Us is one of the most fantastic horror games, where the story as a great adaptation of the horror movies that ever triumphed in his time. So reasonable if many gamers who think that The Last of Us is the best horror game.

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