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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

7 Tips Playing Arcade Mode on PUBG Mobile

In the latest update PUBG Mobile version 0.4.0, Tencent Games presents the latest fashion, the Arcade Mode that has a higher level keseruan. In addition, for you who do not have much time, this mode offers a fairly short gameplay!

Let's win and Chicken Dinner !!! the following 7 tips on playing Arcade mode in PUBG Mobile game:

Here are 7 Tips in Playing Arcade Mode on PUBG Mobile Update Latest

PUBG Mobile version 0.4.0 not only brings updates in Arcade mode with 28 players only, but also carries Training mode to try different weapons.

Well to achieve victory in the Arcade mode, here are 7 easy tips that you can try in the real game. Ready?

1. Control Game Controls

The first thing that matters most in playing Arcade mode or even Classic mode is controlling PUBG Mobile. According to Jaka himself, game control on PUBG Mobile is the easiest to use than other battle royale mobile games.

Unlike Classic mode, you will need more speed in controlling Arcade mode. Your speed will be tested as you move, move the camera and aim at the opponent guys.

2. Learn the Battle Field

Arcade mode only matches 28 people in a narrower game area. Blue zone will be smaller and PUBG Mobile game will only be less than 10 minutes duration to be small.

Usually Arcade mode in PUBG Mobile will select an area that has many weapons and items. Starting from Pochincki, Georgopol or Military Base.

3. Plunge quickly

You will not be able to linger to determine the landing location in Arcade mode. Here it is advisable to immediately choose landing location as well as looting as soon as possible.

When you start landing, you can increase the speed by holding the analog upward to quickly reach the mainland. Occasionally do not forget to see the area around the landing, to detect the enemy more easily.

4. Enable Auto Loot Mode

Tips on playing Arcade mode in PUBG Mobile next is to activate the automatic loot mode contained in the settings menu. Here of course you do not need to have trouble in taking weapons, ammunition and in-game items.

5. Prioritize Best Arms Choice

PUBG Mobile Arcade Mode has six variations, namely rifle, submissive gun, all weapon, melee weapon, gun and heaven item. Here the modes can not be selected and you will play randomly. But when playing, It is advisable to immediately take any weapon that is in front of you.

6. Pay attention to Mini Map

Although you will face a game with a higher tension than Classic mode, here you really need to pay attention to the mini map. Here you can find out the enemy's position by footsteps and gunshots.

7. Attack! Do not hesitate

If in Classic mode you will be asked to play carefully to be the last one, in Arcade mode you will be excited by attacking the opponent and do not hesitate. Especially with ammunition and limited items, you will be more desperate in playing this mode.

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