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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

8 Hero Mobile Legends with Highest Attack Speed ​​2018


Attack Speed ​​is needed in playing MOBA games like Mobile Legends. Therefore, each hero must have a good attack speed to be effective when using the skill. Although Attack Speed ​​can be obtained through items, but more profitable if using a hero who already has a high Attack Speed.

Here are 8 Hero with Highest Attack Speed ​​in Mobile Legends

1. Zilong


As a fighter, Zilong fighting ability is no doubt. This one hero has a very dangerous and deadly skill. One of Zilong's advantages is having an attack speed. This hero has ultimate skills that can increase the attack speed up to 75%. So, do not be surprised if Zilong able to attack very quickly and difficult to avoid.

2. Alpha


Alpha is a fighter that also has a high attack speed. Through the Force Swing skill, Alpha can get an additional 12.5% ​​attack speed every time they hit the enemy. Alpha will also get an additional 62.5% more attack speed if it succeeds on at least 5 enemies in a single Force Swing skill.

3. Sun


Still from a role fighter, Sun is known as a hero who can do cloning. Although underrated, it turns out Sun has a high attack speed. Although the resulting damage is not too high, but Sun can kill the enemy quickly if it can combine skills well. Especially if coupled with items such as Haas's Claws, then the Sun attack speed will increase and turn off.

4. Argus


Known as a hero that is immune to death, Argus also has other advantages, namely high attack speed. With such high attack speed, Argus is able to produce fast attacks and high damage to the enemy. If coupled with the right item effect, Argus attack speed will grow and become more dangerous.

5. Natalia


As a hero assassin, the ability to kill enemies owned by Natalia is definitely deadly. Natalia is also a very suitable hero to be Carry because of the ability to jump and attack the enemy directly. Moreover, Natalia has a Smoke Bomb skill that not only reduces enemy movement speed, but also increases attack speed by 30%. With the attack speed, Natalia able to attack quickly and generate high damage.

6. Lapu-Lapu


Although not so often used, Lapu-Lapu includes a hero that has a high attack speed. Fighter that can also be an assassin is able to attack from close range very quickly. Ability Lapu-lapu make enemies quite busy especially if have to deal 1v1. If the correct item is added, Lapu Lapu's attack speed can become many times faster and harm the enemy.

7. Alucard


As a fighter, Alucard has an unquestionable fighting ability. Alucard is able to attack very quickly and great damage. Moreover, Alucard is a very powerful lifsteal hero making it even harder to beat. When Alucard skills are combined with certain items, it will be very dangerous for the enemy.

8. Jawhead


Jawhead is a rather difficult to use hero fighter, but has a very high durrability and offense. Jawhead also has a high attack speed so that it can attack and kill enemies quickly. With a high attack speed, passive Jawhead will have a terrible effect because that is enough Jawhead feared the enemy and able to disrupt the formation of the opponent.

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