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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Best Hero For Solo Lane from Every Role in Mobile Legends

Every Role in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is now almost deadly. All heroes seem to be able to easily beat any opponent of his role. Especially if the pilot who plays the hero is fairly clever.

Not surprisingly, now each role can do Solo Lane alias survive or attack in a lane alone. No longer a Marksman or Assassin who is usually tasked with doing this. It is not advisable to use the Solo Lane strategy other than the one in charge are the two roles of the hero mentioned. But if it is pressed why not?

Who is the best hero who can do Solo Lane from each of the existing Roles? Check out the following reviews!

Lancelot (Assassin)

There is a specific reason why Lancelot is more appropriate to be made one line hero than other Assassin like Hayabusa or Fanny. Lancelot ability is quite high. Especially if he is able to do Farming quickly.

Lancelot's mobility to stay on track is also very helpful to the team. He could have killed the enemy immediately with a combo quickly too at the beginning and mid-round. It does not take long like Fanny or Hayabusa to achieve the best conditions to attack. So the team can move more efficiently.

Harley (Mage)

Harley is one Mage that has the fastest mobility. Harley can appear suddenly then disappear again.
The damage provided by Harley since the battlefield has been high. Hero enemy who against Harley was obliged to continue doing Farming. When the enemy's focus wants to destroy Harley, teammates can focus on crushing the turret with ease.

Moskov (Marksman)

Indeed almost all Marksman would be able to do Solo Lane. However, not all Marksman heroes have a good defense system. One of Marksman's heroes who can be relied upon to fill the solo position must be Moskov.

With Attack Attack attack alone Moskov can directly give much impact to the enemy. The Ultimate Moskov attack can also pursue enemies residing in any area. If there is an opponent who suddenly attack, Moskov stay away for a moment with the first skill or immediately stop with a second skill.

Nana (Support)

After experiencing Revamp, Nana's power is almost equivalent to a Mage who has a powerful power. Although not much has changed, but in the last Patch, Nana experienced a significant Buff.
Its first attack range has a further range. Nana also can survive well with the second skill.

Alpha (Fighter)

Compared to Martis, Alpha attacks are more deadly if Alpha is on one lane alone. Alpha can lock the lawya, while having a direct Lifesteal effect with a second skill.

Indeed, this hero still has weakness because of high "mana" consumption. However, if not too hastily attacked, Alpha can escape from guard and subvert an enemy turret. Playing with a good distance is one of the keys to using Alpha well.

Hilda (Tank)

Last is the hero of the Tank. Actually it is quite difficult to determine which best hero can keep the turret solo from this Role. Besides Hilda, Hylos also actually have a pretty good skill. But Hylos has its own weakness when compared with Hilda. One of them is Regens.

Hilda is no Stun effect, but through the skill both Hilda able to bring Knock Back and sequential attacks for three times.

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