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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Build Fanny by Jess No Limit Top Player Mobile Legends

Fanny is a hero-type assassins where the hero is hard to catch by the enemy. In addition, this hero was exposed to the worst NERF hero so that the Fanny users began to decrease. But not with Jess No Limit, though in Nerf she still likes to use this Fanny hero.


This hero is quite difficult to use for a beginner, the article Fanny has the skills that you need to point with the right and fast so that players who use Fanny should have been pro.

1. Fanny Skill

Fanny has a skill that is quite difficult to use. However, if you are good at using it, you can just get the savage easily.

This skill will result in damage when Fanny flies by 15% to 30% and Fanny can add a marker (Prey) to the target that can accumulate up to 2 times.

This skill will make Fanny take out the sword in turn and the enemy is exposed to Physical Damage 260/300/340/380/420/460 on enemy around Fanny.

This skill will make Fanny remove the steel cable which will attract Fanny. But not only that, when the enemy is in the cable path then the enemy will be exposed to skill 1 (Tornado Strike) automatically.

This skill will make Fanny take out the sword and stab the enemy quickly. In addition, this skill gives Physical Damage 500/680/860 to the enemy.

Well for you who do not know how to play Fanny, you can use skill 2 (Steel Cable) to bring Fanny closer to enemy and give damage.

Next you can use skill 1 (Tornado Strike) to remove the sword and last use skill 3 (Cut Throat) to kill the enemy by removing the sword quickly.

So if in the order to be:

Skill 2> Skill 1> Skill 3

2. Spell Fanny

In spell selection, Fanny is perfectly suited to using Retribution spell which will make it faster to do both in jungle and lane farming.

In addition, this spell can be used to turtle, lord or to enemies which will reduce and slow the movement of the enemy. This is the reason why many players use Retribution spell.

3. Set Emblem Fanny

Set emblems are an important point when using heroes, because the emblem sets can provide additional. Well, for Fanny's own set of emblems that are very suitable set of emblem assassin.

This emblem set will provide additional critical attacks, movement speeds and physical attacks that make Fanny stronger

4. Build Fanny

To build for Fanny is quite diverse. However, it is quite different from the build item version of Jess No Limit. For those of you who are curious, you can see below ya.

1. Beast Killer

The first item Fanny must have is the Beast Killer. This item will give 25 Armor and 20 Magic Resistance. If used with Retribution spell. The Hero will earn 10% extra blood and when used for the forest monsters, you will get an additional 30% Exp so it will bolt Helcurt faster level up.

2. Warrior Boots

Next up is the Warrior Boots. This item will give you 22 Armor. This item also has a uniqueness that the defense will increase 5 points after receiving an attack from the enemy.

3. Bloodlust Ax

Next is Bloodlust Ax. This item will give 70 Physical Attacks and 10% Cooldown. This item also has the uniqueness of giving 20% ​​Spell Vamp when using its skill.

4. Rose Gold Meteor

Next up is Rose Gold Meteor. This item will give 60 Physical Attacks, 30 Magic Defense and 5% Lifesteal. This item also has a uniqueness that the hero can get extra blood when HP is at 25% and has a cooldown for 30 seconds.

5. Immortality

Next is Immortality. This item will give you 800 HP and 40 Magic Resistance. This item has a uniqueness that can make hero life again after being killed.

However, once turned on again, Fanny will have HP 300-1000 and to be able to enjoy the effects of the item. You must wait for 180 seconds or 3 minutes.

6. Blade of Despair

The last one is the Blade of Despair. This item will give you 170 Physical Attacks and 10% Speed ​​Attack. In addition, the item also gives an additional 10% damage each time the attack to the enemy.

Source: Tipspintar

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