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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Gear Vexana, Hero Mage with the Curse of Death!

Appearances creepy with the ability to exploit the death of the enemy? Yes that's the ability of Vexana, Mage Mobile Legends hero that has a unique ability as well as creepy.

This one hero can be a mainstay during the game, provided you follow the Vexana Mobile Legends gear, Vexana skill description, and the following build item recommendations.

Vexana since getting rework skill, Mage hero is immediately back to be a mainstay in the game. By capitalizing on the death of the enemy, Vexana can create an explosion as well as awaken it to help the team's attack.

Well before knowing more about this one hero, you better know more than Vexana Mobile Legends skill as follows.

Vexana Mobile Legends Skill

Gear and Build Item Vexana Mobile Legends Best

Like other Mage heroes, Vexana is assigned to inflict enormous damage on enemy heroes around Vexana. With skill that has skill area, Vexana certainly very effective in doing team fight and give damage at the same time.

Here are the recommendations of the best Vexana Mobile Legends build item. You can change it flexibly according to your game style.

  • Enchanted Talisman, this item will cover the shortcomings of Vexana which has thin HP and adds a number of HP, Magic Power and Cooldown Reduction.
  • Arcane Boots, item movement is mandatory for the Mage heroes. In addition to providing additional movement speed, Vexana will also get magical penetration.
  • Concentrated Energy, this item provides considerable damage on Vexana. There is also an additional HP and Magic Power and HP regeneration of 10% when killing enemy heroes.
  • Glowing Wand, Vexana will add Magic Power and Magic Penetration to inflict enormous damage on enemies.
  • Holy Crystal, of course with this item will increase the Magic Power owned by Vexana.
  • Blood Wings, the ultimate item of the Mage heroes by adding a number of Magic Power and some HP. There is also the ability to add HP's total equivalent of Magic Power owned.

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