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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Harvest With Friends! Stardew Valley Multiplayer You Can Play Right Now!

Likes with gardening games like Harvest Moon? Ever imagine what it's like to harvest the rice fields with other friends? Do not expect too much, Stardew Valley Multiplayer can you try now!

Throughout the history of gaming, of course you at least have played or heard Harvest Moon. With the premise as a game that invites its players to harvest the fields and get closer to the beautiful women, this game is very popular since the early Playstation era.

Until now, the series raised from Bokujou Monogatari in Japan has now reached the last series we know by the name of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. Unfortunately, the series Bokujou Monogatari that we know and love never presented in the PC.

For the Harvest Moon series we currently get, Light of Hope is not Bokujou Monogatari at all. In hopes of making a profit, the name Harvest Moon is still held by Natsume. Speaking of Light of Hope, this game comes to several platforms, including PC.

But of course, Light of Hope with its quality far below Harvest Moon Playstation version 1 failed to attract the attention of old fans. However, before the Light of Hope, we have received Stardew Valley, a game that comes as a Harvest Moon clone that we have been looking for.

With a very positive review, Stardew Valley has now reached the stage where players can cultivate together. True, after so long waiting, we finally get Stardew Valley Multiplayer which can be accessed through beta option. Not to forget also, this update also comes with the latest singleplayer content.

If you are interested in getting multiplayer beta access, you can enter the code "jumpingjunimos" through the Properties → Beta option of Stardew Valley. Enter the code, press Check Code, then select the options you need. From here, you can already play online and LAN with your friends.

With version 1.3 which is currently accessible to all players, singleplayer also get the latest content! One is the cheating feature. You can now try to date more than one character, and you may feel sorry if you want to try it, because the NPCs will hate you slowly.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer and 1.3 update now you can play. To purchase this game, you can access Steam via this link.

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