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Friday, May 25, 2018

How to Play GTA V on Android Without Root


Popular PC games that you can play through the Steam digital distribution platform service, so far you can only play on your PC or laptop. Games like Rocket League, DotA 2 or GTA V.

The app is Valve Corporation which is named Steam Link. This app has a feature connecting existing games on your PC or laptop to your Android smartphone that you use. You can play PC games directly on Android.

Here's How to Play GTA V on Android Without Root

  • Make sure your smartphone or Android device is installed Steam Link app.


  • Open the app, the first time you will be offered to connect your Android smartphone with the controller you use to play the game. Choose one of the two options available.


  • After the controller, the next step is to connect your Android with a computer device (PC) or laptop that you used to play games. Select Rescan to start searching and then connect the device.


  • Wait for the scanning process to be done. This app will automatically connect your Android smartphone with a PC running Steam.


  • You are connected and the Steam account you use on your PC also automatically appears on your Android smartphone.


  • Now you can play GTA V and other PC games on your Android smartphone, using the controller you have connected first.


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