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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The 5 Best Hero That Can Be The Initiator at Mobile Legends


At the time of playing Mobile Legends, you certainly often see players who first advance when the new game starts, right? Or are you the first person to leave the base? Well, if so, that means you are the initiator. the initiator in the Mobile Legends game is a term intended for the first hero to get ahead or start the fight.

Not all heroes can be good initiators. Not infrequently there are heroes who advance first, but even so First Blood. For that, the following 5 Best Hero Who Can Become the initiator in Mobile Legends.

1. Franco


Franco is a powerful hero tank and has the ability to attract enemies. Franco is very reliable as an initiator. Franco could open the war and become a shield for the heroes behind Franco. Utilizing Iron Hook skill, Franco can draw enemies to then be attacked along with the team. In addition, Franco has the ability to slow down the enemy's movements so as to make it easier for the team to finish off the opponent.

2. Gatotkaca


Gatotkaca is a very reliable tanker to start the battle. The presence of Gatotkaca quite troublesome and feared the enemy. Gatotkaca has a very high survival skills so it is appropriate to be an initiator. Gatotkaca is able to give stun effect to the enemy so it is difficult to escape. More cool, although a hero tank, damage generated from the attack Gatotkaca high enough and able to provide great physical damage to the enemy.

3. Helcurt


Hero assassin this one is also able to be a good initiator in the team. Helcurt can open war and become the first hero to advance with a deadly skill. The ability to lock the opponent's skill is very beneficial for the team in attacking the enemy. Helcurt also has the ability to add movement speed up to 65% for 8 seconds so it is very difficult to escape from this one hero. Moreover, Helcurt able to make the opponent can not know the existence of the team in the map so it is difficult to ask for help when attacked.

4. Zilong


It is no secret if Zilong is able to become the initiator for the team. Hero fighter this one has a cool and deadly skills. When opening the war, Zilong can use a spear to pull and reverse the enemy to then be attacked together. Zilong also has a skill that can run very fast so it is really difficult to escape and break away from this one hero.

5. Johnson


After being reworked, Johnson became very popular. Not without reason, the new Johnson is becoming stronger and lethal. Johnson can also be a very dangerous initiator. The ability to turn into a car allows Johnson to move quickly and hit many enemies at once. Moreover, Johnson has a very strong defense so as to become a shield for the team.

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