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Sunday, May 20, 2018

The 5 Worst Cheats in the PUBG Game


Who does not know this one game? PUBG recently was horrendous gamers. But behind the success of big games there are people who are not happy or people who want fun to destroy the game.

And one of the most common ways we encounter is cheat. It turns out PUBG game has a very severe cheat. Curious what cheats are in PUBG and how bad is that cheat? Here 5 The Most Severe Cheats in PUBG Game!

1. Wallhack


Who does not know this cheat? almost in all the wallhack war games are always used for cheating. Of course this cheat one is very detrimental to other players who do not use cheats.

The enemy that is not visible when behind the wall, will be seen clearly even transparent. Of course this makes it easy for the cheat user to know the enemy's position.

2. Autoaim


In addition to the above cheat, there is still more cheat is more severe and very detrimental to many players, namely auto aim. Auto aim is when player shots that use this cheat will always hit the enemy.

Although enemies are in long distances and obstructed buildings, with auto aim all of them can be penetrated. So do not be surprised if you play PUBG and suddenly someone shoots you at a great distance or out of nowhere.

3. Instant Revive


Where players who usually revive friends will take time, but with this cheat you can revive friends within 1 second only.

Of course this is very disadvantageous and the only way to counteract this cheat is to kill the cheat user first. Did any of you ever find a cheat like this when playing?

4. Translucent Building


In addition to the wallhack that can see the enemy clearly although blocked by the building, there is another cheat that like through the building. Buildings that should not be broken can be penetrated by this cheat user.

Of course it makes it easier for them to hide, because of course pure players will not know where they are. Of all the cheats in PUBG, cheat this one is the most make the player upset.

5. Additional Damage


And the last cheat is additional damage, if the weapon should not have great damage, but with this cheat the strength of the weapon will increase drastically.

Moreover, the user cheat this one wear shotgun that is from basically have a high damage, once the player's shot will die even if the foot.

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