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Monday, June 11, 2018

4 New Items in Mobile Legends, What are the effects?

The latest Mobile Legends game update will be available in no time. In the latest update later, there will be 4 new items in Mobile Legends.

The four latest items are Soul Disk, Golden Staff, Sky Guardian Helmet and Demon Shoes. Want to know what are the effects of 4 new items in Mobile Legends? Check out the following reviews!

Soul Disk

Maybe when you first see the effect of this one item at a glance it will not be interested. Yup, Soul Disk only gives 10 magic power and 15 magic power. However, if the user succeeded in killing hero then it will get 5 stack, then when assists will get 3 stack.

If already collected 15 stack, then you will get 20 magic power. Of course, if it has reached 15 kill or 25 assists, you can get an additional 100 magic power just by issuing 1300 gold for this one item.

Golden Staff

For heroes who act as dealing damage, this one item could be an excellent choice especially for heroes who need to speed up attacks. Although only add physical attack of 65, but additional attack speed is 30%. Not to mention if you managed to get 3 stack, then there are additional basic attack effects as much as 2 times.

Sky Guardian Helmet

Sky Guardian Helmet provides a remarkable effect. Basically, with this one item you will get a remarkable hp regeneration effect. How come? Sky Guardian Helmet will provide HP regeneration from 1.5% to 3.5% of max HP owned. However, if exposed to an attack, you need to wait for 5 seconds to regenerate the effect again.

Demon Shoes

This one shoe is present to replace Boots of Tranquility, the effect of this one item is to provide better mana regeneration. If Hubbers uses this one item, it will get 10% mana if kill or assist, while if killing the minion will get an additional mana of 5%. Of course, this item is perfect for heroes who need how to play with spam skills like Estes to Aurora.

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