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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

5 Best Free Android Games June 2018 - Week III

How was your holiday so far; safe and happy to meet relatives? Well this week you will still meet also with a list of the best free Android games of June 2018 that make your holiday even more fun! From MMORPG, the survival game titles you've heard so often, to a variety of puzzle games, let's take a look at 5 of the best free Android games of June 2018 that are released last week!

1. ARK: Survival Evolved

One of the most famous survival games on console and PC now comes for mobile! Fight or capture more than 80 different dinosaurs or wild beasts and then create friends with new human colonies and face another set of players in a vast, dangerous world.

2. Knights Chronicle

With Theo the knight, Leona the wizard, and Lydia the fortune-teller, venturing into a new world on planet Garniel. Collect over 100 different Heroes to help with your journey. This game also supports the horizontal and vertical screen position so as to make any playing style to be comfortable.

3. Blade Reborn - Forge Your Destiny

RPG hack and slash dungeon crawler latest this week. Needed evil demons as Magic Bow, Berserker, or Assassin. Master more than 64 different special moves and create your own combinations of attacks by changing weapons. Also provided 25 25 versus features for you who want to try different challenges.

4. Chef Wars Journey

The much simpler version of RPG Chef Wars. Here you will be invited to face the guesswork of food. But you will still be able to mix the ingredients into over 900 new recipes and collect the chefs, furniture, cards, and so on.

5. Stickman Soccer 2018

World Cup, certainly not complete if there is no football game in the list of best free Android games June 2018! Not only has more than 75 million players and 150 teams added, but just updated Daily Live Game Mode where you can 're-play' World Cup 2018 team matches.

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