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Saturday, June 23, 2018

5 Best Free Android Games June 2018 - Week IV

Wherever you are, the list of the best free Android games of June 2018 will still fill your weekend! Let's take a look at 5 of the best free Android games of June 2018 that release last week!

1. Westworld

The latest adaptation of the title of the science fiction series movie is again trending. As a trainee at Westworld you will be able to build the Delos Park Training Simulation playground. Match the visitors with 170 more Artificially Intelligent Hosts available so they can enjoy your entertainment in comfort.

2. Goosebumps HorrorTown - Monsters City Builder

The name is certainly familiar in the ears of the '90s. Now create your own small town full of your own horrors. Together with over 100 different characters you can frighten people to get special materials for your city to grow.

3. Giants War

Latest RPG from Gamevil. Gather a small army to fight with the giant Hero, Giant. You can also gather resources to build the Tower, recruit other Giants, and form the strongest headquarters on the mainland.

4. Jurassic Hopper 2: Crossy Dino World Shooter

The sequel from Jurassic Hopper is quite popular. Still the same as before you will be going in an endless runner game with a Frogger or Crossy Road jumping style, and this time you can shoot the dinosaurs who interrupt your path.

5. Brew Town Bar

Appropriate theme, Brew Town Bar is an arcade game that will invite you to sell drinks to customers bar. There are four rows of tables and you should be able to meet the demands of each customer as quickly as possible.

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