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Sunday, June 17, 2018

5 Best Hero For Counter Lancelot in Mobile Legends

Lancelot is a hero often used for Mobile Legends player, because the damage that is owned by Lancelot is so sick. Just scroll down to find out what heroes can counter Lancelot.

Here are 5 Best Hero For Counter Lancelot in Mobile Legends

1. Martis

Martis is the first hero you can use for the Lancelot counter. Because this hero has a skill that you can not underestimate.

To counter Lancelot you can use Ashura Aura (Skill 1) skill and Mortal Coil skill (Skill 2) to make Lancelot unable to move and Martis can instantly beat Lancelot.

2. Alucard

The next hero is Alucard, this hero has a good lifesteal. So he gets into the list of heroes that can kill the enemy despite dying.

For you who want to counter Lancelot with Alucard, you can use a combination of skills. First, you can use the Whirling Smash skill (Skill 2).

Then you can skill Fission Wave (Skill 3) to hit Lancelot and give effect of lifesteal and last use skill Groundsplitter (Skill 1) To Beat Lancelot.

3. Alpha

The third position is the most dangerous but rarely used Mobile Legends hero Alpha. This hero also includes the strongest hero fighter that you can rely on to counter Lancelot.

How to fight Lancelot by using Alpha, ie use the right combination skill. First, you can use Rotary Impact (Skill 1) to make the enemy slow.

Then, you can use Spear of Alpha (Skill 3) to stun and damage the enemy, then use Force Swing (Skill 2) to slow down and add attack speed to Alpha.

4. Saber

Hero who counter next Lancelot is Saber, hero is also often used in MPL 2018 ago. Saber also became a dependable hero to capture enemy enemies difficult to catch.

So it's really fitting to catch Lancelot which is one of the most difficult heroes in Mobile Legends. First, you can use the skill Charge (skill 2) to approach the Lancelot you have locked.

Then you can use Triple Sweep (Skill 3). Then, if lancelot tries to escape, you can use Flying Sword (skill 1) to hit enemies remotely.

5. Gusion

Last there is Gusion, this hero is a hero that you can rely on Lancelot counter. This hero is the most painful hero assasins in Mobile Legends. With skill-equipped skills that overpower, so naturally Lancelot can be defeated by this hero.

How to counter Lancelot, ie use Shadowblade Slaughter (Skill 2) to Lancelot, then use SwordSpike (Skill 1) to mark Lancelot and hit this skill again to approach Lancelot.

Press the Shadowblade Slaughter skill (Skill 2) again to pull back the knife thrown earlier. If Lancelot attempts to escape, use an Incandescence skill (Skill 3) and reuse Shadowblade Slaughter (Skill 2) and Sword Spike (Skill 1) skills to finish Lancelot.

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