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Monday, June 11, 2018

5 Best Hero Tank Mobile Legends Patch Version 1.2.80


Entering the latest patch of Mobile Legends, various heroes get buff or nerf so the game becomes more balanced. This is certainly an opportunity to change the position of heroes underrated to become popular, even the best classified. From the role tank, there are at least 5 best heroes on the latest 1.2.80 patch this time. Want to know anyone? Find out more here.

1. Johnson


Since getting a massive rework, Johnson immediately became popular because of his extraordinary power as a hero tank. Johnson has a very large shield depending on the number of armor when dying and gain additional armor from Johnson's ultimate passive effect. Damage that he produced was not playing despite having a role tank.

2. Gatotkaca


Although the official server is now not getting rework, Gatotkaca is still classified as a very powerful tank hero. The main reason is that the physical defense that Gatotkaca holds is huge, even beyond the other tank heroes. The more dying, the harder it gets killed, even with 2 people though. It takes at least 3 or more heroes to kill a Gatotkaca.

3. Akai


Affected nerf in terms of damage and cast range is not a big obstacle for Akai. He still has a Hurricane Dance that can push the enemy with ease. Not to mention Blender owned by Akai followed by Thousand Pounder can make enemies affected by stun and additional damage depends max HP Akai. It takes good cooperation to be able to defeat an Akai.

4. Uranus


Speaking of regeneration, still no one can beat Uranus. When he faces heroes relying on attack speed rather than damage like Sun, Moskov, or Zilong, Uranus can hardly be killed by them. In addition to regeneration, he also has a thick shield and Ionic Orbit which decreases the enemy's attack power.

5. Hylos


Had slumped due to less popular, Hylos has now turned into the most reliable hero in the game. Max "HP" in the game as well as passive skill that makes it possible to use skill even when running out of "mana" is the main reason why Hylos is the best tank. Not to mention the Glorious Pathway owned by Hilos can support the hero of friends to advance beat the enemy. With the right combination and player, Hylos becomes a deadly tank hero throughout the game.

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