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Monday, June 18, 2018

5 Best Offline Android Survival Games in 2018

Game survival is a game that is popular today. The best survival game does require us to always think to survive.

Well, on this occasion we will give you the best offline survival game. This game will definitely save your internet quota as well.

Here are 10 Best Offline Android Survival Games in 2018

1. Survival Island: Evolve

Android's best offline survival game today is Survival Island: Evolve, this game requires us to survive on the smallest island.

Survival Island: Evolve also has two modes you can play: offline survival mode and PVP Multiplayer mode. You can play it along with your friends using the internet.

Name: Survival Island: Evolve
Size: 88MB
Total Download: 10 Million
Play Store Rating: 4.1

2. Shadows of Kurgansk

The next best offline survival game is Shadows of Kurgansk, this game requires you to survive in areas of danger and mystery.

You must find a way out and will fight the monsters that will attack you. To survive, you are also required to look for natural materials.

Name: Shadows of Kurgansk
Size: 13MB
Total Download: 500 Thousand
Play Store Rating: 4.5

3. Survive: The Lost Lands

Survive's next survival game is Survive: The Lost Lands, in this game you are required to survive on a mysterious island. As with any other offline survival game, you also have to collect natural resources.

However, you will be confronted by a very savage animal. This game also has good enough graphics for Android survival game class.

Name: Survive: The Lost Lands
Size: 31MB
Total Download: 10 Thousand
Play Store Rating: 4.0

4. Radiation Island Free

Radiation Island Free is one of the best offline survival games, the article you have to survive on a big island in the world.

However, when you are surviving and searching for items within this island. You will also be faced with zombies and wild wolves.

Name: Radiation Island Free
Size: 1,1GB
Total Download: 10 Thousand
Play Store Rating: 4.0

5. RAFT: Original Survival Game

The next offline survival game is RAFT: Original Survival Game, this game is very different from the usual survival game that requires us to survive on an island.

RAFT: Original Survival Game demands us to survive in an ocean. You have to survive in a raft and have to fix it in order to escape from a sea of ​​sharks and very cruel sea creatures.

Name: RAFT: Original Survival Game
Size: 5.9MB
Total Download: 5 Million
Play Store Rating: 4.4

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