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Monday, June 11, 2018

5 Hero Mobile Legends Must Buy to Get Epic Fast!


Over 60 heroes of Mobile Legends are now playable, where the heroes are divided into six roles, namely Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Support. Hero Mobile Legends which is the obligation to buy in order to quickly ride the rank to Epic?

1. Lancelot


Lancelot is one of the heroes with the Assassin role must buy if you want to quickly reach Epic rank. The reason to buy Lancelot is, because this hero has a lot of dodging skills, can do farming gold quickly, and Thorned Rose skill is one very annoying skill!

In addition, if Lancelot has obtained core items, he can also do pushing tower faster.

2. Cyclops


Cyclops is a mini-sized Mage hero and has one eye. Although it has a petite appearance, but this is one of the heroes that you must buy if you want to quickly ride the rank to Epic.

Skill Stardust Shock and Planets Attack is a combination of very good skill used for clear up lanes. Besides Starlit Hourglass's passive skills also support Cyclops get a cooldown reduction or it means you can continue to spam skills.

3. Fanny


Fanny is an Assassin hero with a level of difficulty high enough for beginners. However, if you can use this hero can be very inconvenient enemy, let alone the rank under Epic that would be difficult to counter this hero.

So make sure before the push rank, master this hero through the classic game mode, not until later you even become a burden in the team!

4. Johnson


Hero push rank in Mobile Legends should not only with Assassin role, MM, or Fighter only. Johnson is one of the tank heroes you can use to raise your rank to Epic quickly!

Johnson is one of the favorite tank heroes today in Mobile Legends, because he can play a very tough body resistance thanks to passive skills of Electro-airbag and Electromag Rays. In addition, this hero can also be a crowd control with the skills of Deadly Pincers.

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