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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

5 Hero Who Have Skill Poke in AOV

Not all the heroes in the AOV (Arena of Valor) have adequate poke skills. But of the dozens of heroes that exist today, there are at least five names that you should consider because it has the ability to attack HP opponents from a distance. Here 5 Hero Who Have Poke Skill In AOV! Here's the list!

1. Joker

For one-on-one affairs, Joker becomes the king of hero poke. Three of the four skills Joker can use to poke or kill the weak Enemy. Passive skill gives great damage as well as slow effects. The first skill gives a great deal of damage that is far enough away. Ultimate skills provide extreme damage and slow effects too. Both skills are also annoying because the Joker will run fast as well as immune from physical attacks.

2. The Flash

Mage capable of poking at the same time killing the enemy without having to be scared away. The combination of all the skills of the Flash does make it very dangerous, especially for hero archer and other mage. The resulting damage is quite large, especially when combined with talent execute. Fear of being caught? Just use the ultimate skill! With the right timing, The Flash is hard to kill!

3. Liliana

In human mode, Liliana has two skill areas that damage quite high. The first skill gives burst damage, while the second skill gives both damage and stun effect. The combination of these two skills can make the enemy upset because in addition to reducing the HP, can also be used to clean the lane quickly.

4. Raz

Raz's two skills really hurt! The distance is quite far away, and as a mage Raz does not require 'mana', which is replaced by the energy system. Cooldown skill is also relatively low so it is very effective to use to poke opponents. Unfortunately this skill is quite difficult to execute because it can only attack one target, so it should really hit the target.

5. Violet

One of the favorite archers in the Inter-Arena because it has the ability to scaling and poke. Excess Violet as a hero poke, resulting damage is very high and tend to be easy to be directed. Using the other skill, Violet's normal attack will get additional damage that can affect multiple heroes at once. The other skill can also be used to find the optimal position to attack.

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