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Thursday, June 21, 2018

5 Heroes You Must Ban In Draft Pick Mode Newest in Mobile Legends

In the Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang is currently a big change. Unlike in the past where the Draft Pick system only allows players to ban the two heroes.

Now through the latest patch released some time ago, MLBB Draft Pick mode presents with a system of banning heroes up to 4 people. This of course means a lot to the players. It was a restriction on hero, probably just centered on that same character. No chance to get the banned hero.

But now because it has become 4 players can choose to get the hero they want without having to worry to be banned. Who should you ban on draft pick mode? Check out the following reviews!

1. Lancelot

As an Assassin who relies on fast skills, Lancelot is one of the heroes that should be banned on the latest meta. Moreover Lancelot including the most easy to use by many people. Not like Fanny or Hayabusa.

Hero who may be able to fight Lancelot one on one only a few heroes, like Martis, Alucard and Gussion. Lancelot users usually rely on Thorned Rose attacks, then Phantom Execution to chase back the enemy using Puncture.

2. Gussion

The great Gussion users are not as many as Lancelot users. But if you have met, it is very difficult to stop Gussion.

If this hero is already chosen by the enemy, maybe you can stop a little movement of Gussion using hero Helcrut. Or choose a Mage that has many AOE attacks.

3. Martis

Although the new Fighter, Martis presence can not be underestimated. He is actually almost similar to Alucard but has a more complete skill. Martis not only can do slow effects, he is also able to give effect to the opponent Knock.

He also does not need to often return to the cage, because it can survive without using Mana. Even if Martis had entered the middle round, two items with Lifesteal elements could have made him a strong fight as a true Fighter.

4. Helcrut

There are several specific reasons why Helcrut is a hero you should ban in Draft Pick mode games. First, usually this hero is forbidden to get other heroes that are more suitable for use by the team. Examples such as to get Gussion, Johnson, or Lancelot. Another reason may be because of the skill of Helcrut itself that tends to kill the enemy's movement. Just imagine, Enemies can be exposed to silent suddenly.

A good Helcrut player usually often approaches the enemy's weakest hero. If things are like that, surely your team will find it difficult to master the game. If you do not have a reliable Fighter or Tank hero to guard the Helcrut movement, you should immediately ban this one hero.

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