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Thursday, June 14, 2018

5 Jungler Tips at Onmyoji Arena Let You Can Win With Ease!

Onmyoji Arena

The position of jungler in Onmyoji Arena is very important because it can bring victory for the team. The junglers are not only tasked with farming in the jungle, but must also be able to determine when to gank, push, or destroy objective in the map. Therefore, the following tips for you the jungler in Onmyoji Arena.

1. Focused Farming Up To Level 6


The jungle monster in Onmyoji Arena is pretty strong and hard compared to other MOBA games. However the exp given is bigger and can make the jungle hero level up quickly. Focus on killing all the jungle monsters out, including the Darumas near the river. After that, try moving to an empty lane to get level faster.

2. Make sure to Join Team Fight When Having 2 buff Kirin

Team Fight

If there is a condition where your team asks for help to do the gank or participate in the team fight, it is advisable for you to have 2 buff Kirin for maximum results. Each of Kirin has different effects that will be very helpful in team fight later.

3. Rotate to Jungle Enemy With Team

Jungler Musuh

After you finish the jungle in your own area, ask your team mates help to finish off a team jungle so the enemy can not get Kirin level or buff. If conditions are not possible, try to steal Kirin only.

4. Find Chance For Solo Kraken

Solo Kraken

Most of the jungle heroes are very strong against the Kraken alone when it appears. Find the Opportunity to take the Kraken alone and have your team-mates make the enemy heros busy on the lane.

5. Do not Lose Finding Kill


Although it can be stronger than other heroes and have a higher level, lest you seek kill only. Remember! The main objective in Onmyoji Arena is to destroy the opponent's base and win the game, not seek kill as much as possible.

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