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Saturday, June 2, 2018

5 Most Easiest Hero Get MVP in Mobile Legends

Most Valuable Player or commonly abbreviated MVP certainly not a familiar term, especially for fans of MOBA games like Mobile Legends. Yes, this term is a title for the best players because of the good contribution in the match so the team can win.

All Mobile Legends players will also want to be MVP in every game. Well, for you who have long played Mobile Legends and never ever MVP, following the most easy hero-hero recommendations MVP. Curious what kind of hero? Let's see the reviews!

1. Fanny


Although this one hero is difficult to use, but Fanny has great damage so it can make it easier to get MVP. Moreover Fanny is one of the hero that is difficult to catch because of using Steel Cable. By using the skill, Fanny can easily kill enemies. Fanny skill also helps to eliminate a lot of enemies quickly and get MVP.

2. Lancelot


Hero assassin this one does have a very over-power capability. Lancelot able to kill the enemy with a combination of Puncture skill, Thorned Rose and Phantom Execution. That way he is able to become a great hero in the team.

3. Harley


Hero mage marksman flavor is known genius is indeed one of the easy hero to get MVP. He has the highest basic attack compared to other hero mage just by using passive skill. Harley also includes a lively hero and has a high attack speed. Using a combination of Space Escpe skill, Deadly Magic and Poker Trick, Harley can kill enemies like marksman or other in one combo.

4. Irithel


With the damage resulting from Irithel's skill, the enemy can easily die. The more enemies die so the way to become MVP gets easier. But if you use this hero, you should be easy to keep the distance so it is not often killed. If you are often killed by enemies, then to get MVP will be very difficult. Skill that you can count on when using Irithel is Heavy Crossbow.

5. Karina


Karina is one of the hero assassin that became the mainstay of the user to get MVP because this hero has great damage. In addition, Karina also has the skills to escape so that after you kill the enemy you can immediately escape from the ambush of other enemy members. Skill that can be trusted by the users of Karina is Shadow Rush because with this skill the enemy will immediately die with one slash. Even the cooldown of this skill will be lost immediately if the enemy so it can be done many times.

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