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Saturday, June 2, 2018

5 This Hero is Hardest to Beat in Mobile Legends

To win a game with the MOBA genre, of course you need individual skills and good teamwork. Individual Skill is the ability to read a game that consists of attacking and defending skills.

Mobile Legends game has many heroes with various roles and skills that you can choose according to the needs of the game. But it turns out there are some heroes who have the ability to avoid enemy attacks. The hero sometimes makes a lot of players feel upset because it is very difficult to kill the hero. Here are the 5 Hardest Hero to Beat in Mobile Legends.

1. Fanny


Fanny is a rare hero used by beginners because of the very high difficulty level. But actually fanny is one of the heroes that is hard to kill. Fanny's skill can make it move freely between lanes quickly.

2. Lancelot


Who does not hate this one assassin! Lancelot is very difficult to catch because very fast movement. The Lancelot Puncture Skill that can be used to run will not cooldown on different targets, and this makes Lancelot very difficult to catch. Even Lancelot Phantom Execution skill can also be used to avoid enemy attacks.

3. Kagura


All Mobile Legends player would already know that this one hero mage is annoying! For pro player level like RRQ.Lemon which is Kagura top global, this hero is almost impossible to catch. Many Kagura skill combinations can be used to avoid enemies, plus the passive skill of kagura that gives immune makes kagura seem to be the hardest hero to kill in Mobile Legends.

4. Hayabusa


Who is not upset with this one hero, Hayabusa skill can also make it run very fast. Hayabusa can cast 4 shadows, and you can move quickly to one of those shadows. That's what makes hayabusa the most commonly used hero to deceive the enemy.

5. Chou


The last hero is Chou, the Fighter stunner is also quite difficult to kill. If used correctly, Chou skill will be very useful for the team. Chou has Shunpo skills that can be used to escape, plus Chou also has a Jeet Kun Do skill that can stun enemies.

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