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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How To Counter Alucard in Mobile Legends With These 5 Hero

Doing counter Alucard was actually very easy. Lots of weakness that is actually owned by this one hero. Sure in the late game he is super hard and hard to kill, but at the beginning of the game he was very easy to finish.

There are so many reasons why you rarely see Alucard meta games on Legend tier up or when looking at pro players like Jess No Limit, Lemon, Oura and others playing with this one hero. The reason is so simple Alucard is a hero who does not have two things needed by fighter or assassin.

First Alucard does not have a single skill crowd control or disable to stop the movement of the opponent. This is very crucial if Alucard duel 1 v 1 against heroes who have disable skills.

Both Alucards have no skills to escape from the enemy's pursuit. Alucard's skill one can make him jump in a certain direction, but the jumping distance is not too far away.

Here's How to Counter Alucard in Mobile Legends with these 5 Hero:

1. Martis

It is clear the first hero is fairly 100 percent powerful as Alucard counter is Martis. As we mentioned earlier that the weakness of Alucard is the absence of skill crowd control or at least stun to stop the movement of the opponent.

Martis has a very crowd control skill or stun! Two skills, skill one and skill two, can be classified as a disable skill and he can easily beat Alucard to death with his ultimate if HP Alucard drops to a certain percentage.

By relying on the first skill and second skills of Martis you can really stop the movement from Alucard. It is intended that the effects of ultimate Alucard does not reach the maximum point so that his damage was also not maximal.

2. Gusion

Then another weakness that Alucard has is the inability to move quickly in the event of a war. The point is he can not do blink as well as Martis, Roger, and Zilong who also have the same role of a fighter.

Therefore you can use Gusion as one of Alucard counters. This is very possible because the Gusion has great damage. In addition to the skill set that is owned, Gusion can avoid Alucard attacks while beating back.

3. Fanny

If we talk about the lively hero plus can be used as a counter Alucard no one can beat Fanny. This super lively super-beautiful Hero can easily finish off Alucard though, but the weakness of this hero is a very difficult game mechanism.

But there's nothing wrong if you start learning the mechanism of the game Fanny early on, maybe at the beginning you use Fanny hero your game will not be as good and as easy as what you see on youtube. But believe that this one hero has a million potentials and can beat all the heroes easily.

4. Zilong

"Those three heroes are called, expensive and hard to play!". Therefore the author there is one suitable hero, free and importantly easy for you to play as a counter Alucard.

Zilong can you use as a 1 v 1 duel against Alucard and has a high enough winning potential. This is because Zilong has a skill set that deserves to be a one-on-one duel, his passive skill that gives extra damage then Spear Flip which can give a momentary disable effect to Alucard.

5. Lancelot

The very fast movement potency allows you to easily kill Alucard. With Lancelot's Thorned Rose you can make Alucard helpless. Lancelot has a very fast blink skill, Alucard will certainly not be able to follow the Lancelot movement.

If the affairs of damage is obviously Lancelot out as the winner, Lancelot still far superior in terms of any it if it requires you to duel one on one with Alucard.

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