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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Use Hero Support in Mobile Legends? Here's What You Should Do

Despite having a small attack, but hero support is important enough presence in the team at Mobile Legends. With the hero support, then the composition of the team will be more balanced. Because hero support serves to provide heal and support for other heroes in the team.

Well, for you who just learn to use hero support, you have to know what your task in game.
Here are 4 hero support tasks in Mobile Legends:

1. Help your friends to farming

The first task you have to work on as a hero support in Mobile Legends is to help friends who are farming. You can help attack the forest monsters, to HP a bit, then let your friends do last hit.

By helping your farming friends, your friends will quickly level up and strengthen the team.

2. Always be ready to heal friends or give shield

Some hero support is provided with the ability to heal HP Friend. Then you must take advantage of this, heal your dying friend when war. Or, you can also give your friends shield protection.

Some hero support is provided with this ability.

3. Monitor the map

When you use hero support, then you are needed by other team members.
Good to help in survival or provide additional protection. Make sure you know the location of your friends who need help through the map.

4. Do a combo attack with dealer damage

In addition to helping friends by giving heal, hero support can also create a dangerous attack.
The trick is to do a combo attack with team dealer damage. For this one, you have to learn what hero matches the combo with the support heroes you use.

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