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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

5 Hero Mobile Legends are Immune in Ultimate Enemies

For those playing MOBA games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), Mobile Legends, must be familiar with the ultimate skill or the hero's deadly ability in the game.

So the most deadly ability, this skill is a powerful 'weapon' that is often used gamers to kill the opponent.

Each hero has a different ultimate skill with different levels of damage. The effectiveness of the use of the ability also depends on the ability of the players themselves.

Although frightening, there are some heroes in Mobile Legends are immune to ultimate enemy skill.

In order for you to optimize insights about the game and character, here's a list of five heroes that are immune from the ultimate enemy skill in Mobile Legends.

1. Lancelot

Lancelot is one of the fastest Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends.
In addition to having painful damage, he also has an immune skill that makes it immune to all disable abilities issued by the enemy.

But unfortunately, this hero became a banned subscription in every Mobile Legends tournament.

2. Chou

Chou is a Fighter hero. He can kidnap his enemy by kicking to be directed to his friends.

With that, the enemy will die in an instant without a chance to escape. In addition, this hero also has a skill that makes it immune to disable skill enemy.

3. Diggie

Diggie is a support hero who is quite unsettling of the enemy. Skill 1 Diggie will give the bombs great damage to the enemy if hit. Skill 2 Diggie is also troubling, that Diggie can pull the enemy by throwing a circle to the target.

Ultimate skill can thwart all the lethal abilities issued by the enemy.

4. Hanabi

Hanabi is a Marksman hero. Hanabi has an immune from the beginning of the game that is immune to ultimate skills like Johnson.

However, somehow this hero is rarely used by players in Draftpick Mobile Legends Mode. The more players choose Lesley or maybe without Marksman in the match.

5. Grock

Grock is a Tank hero. Grock can be a giant by using skill 1 and will make Grock immune to disable skills of the enemy.

Grock also has a combo skill 2 then ultimate that will make enemy drained HP with very much.

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