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Thursday, July 19, 2018

5 Hero Mobile Legends It Will Make It Hassle If It Is Used By Enemy!

Various heroes in Mobile Legends equipped with different capabilities so that the strategy in the game can be more diverse. Among the many heroes that have been released, each hero has its own advantages, including making the enemy trouble. At least, there are 5 heroes in Mobile Legends that will make you trouble if you are an enemy. Curious what? Check out more below.

1. Johnson

This one tank Hero is one of the heroes that can make you overcome it. Johnson can produce high damage, good control effect, and very high defense, especially armor. If you do not have a hero magic at all, killing Johnson will need a hard struggle, even up to 5 heroes at once to be able to kill him.

2. Selena

Although just appeared on the official server, Selena has been one of the very troublesome hero, especially her Abyssal Arrow. If exposed from a great distance, your heroes will not be able to move up to 4.5 seconds and make you very easy to kill enemies! Its cooldown is short enough so that it can make your team uneasy for fear of stun the old.

3. Akai

Can generate high damage, have stun, and can push many enemies at once has become Akai excess in the game. As you may have guessed, his Hurricane Dance is very annoying because he can push your hero and other team members to the wall and can not move. He is also quite loud and quite difficult to kill alone so need the help of other team members.

4. Grock

There is no question that Grock is very annoying. Wild Charge and his Guardian's Barrier can get you and your friends trapped in uncomfortable conditions. Imaginable when you can almost run, suddenly your path is covered by wall by Grock? Do not want to let go!

5. Vexana

If according to the pro player, Vexana became the most troublesome hero ever in the history of Mobile Legends. Hero with explosive ability and high-damage is very difficult to approach, especially if the player understands about positioning. One little step, five heroes your friends could be defeated alone by Vexana.

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