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Thursday, July 12, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Selena Hero in Mobile Legends

On July 10 yesterday, Moonton officially released a new hero named Selena on the original Mobile Legends server. Selena is quite popular at the moment, this is not because she is a new hero, but she has very painful damage.

Selena is a hero role Mage / Assassin. Selena has the ability to change form like Roger. Although in the form of Elven mage, she is very soft and almost no damage, but when she changed into Dark Abyss, damage is very painful. Well, here are 5 reasons you should buy Selena hero.

Selena Has Two Modes

Like Roger, Selena has the ability to change shape that is in the Elven mage mode and the Assassin mode ie Dark Abyss. Selena has magical damage ability that makes it can be used as a mage or assassin.

Great Damage

The next reason why you should buy Selena because she has a very deadly damage. Although in mage mode it is not so deadly, but if you use the right Combo Skill between mage mode and assassin mode then surely Selena will be a deadly killer machine.

Strong stun ability

In addition to having great damage, Selena also has a long stun ability that is on the second skill Abyssal Arrow when she became a mage. The higher the level, the longer the stun produced is ranging from 0.5 to 4.5 seconds.

Mobility is quite high

Well interesting enough is she is one of the heroes who have high mobility. This is because ultimate skill that is useful to change form from Elven to Dark Abyss able to increase move speed by 30%. Not only that, in the Dark Abyss mode, Selena has a skill called Garrote which is useful to catch the enemy or to escape.

There are still few who use Selena hero

The last thing that is the main attraction of Selena is that not many players are using Selena in the fight. And chances are you can use them to be great. And this hero is also not included in the banned list in drafpick mode.

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