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Sunday, July 22, 2018

5 Ways to Counter Selena in Mobile Legends! Make Her So Useless!

The presence of Selena in the official server Mobile Legends some time ago has indeed made quite a lot of changes in the meta. Almost all the match must have Selena after previously Kagura had popular as one of the strongest mage. Selena's highly flexible capability for both long and short distances is more reliable and her damage is much higher than previous popular hero mages. But there is a fairly easy way to make Selena powerless in the game and make it useless. Curious what? Check out the following Selena counter tips.

1. Do not Move Straight

One of Selena's mainstay skills Abyssal Arrow can produce stun effects up to 4.5 seconds, but the direction of the skill can only be in a straight line. Do not move straight and see the direction of Abyssal Arrow movement which is actually very easy to avoid. If you're used to it, Selena is not a threat to you.

2. Buy Magic Resistance items

As high as magic damage that she has, it can still be resisted with high magic resistance. One of them is to buy various items with additional magic resistance. For defending items, you can choose the combination of Athena's Shield and Oracle or Tough Boots for item movement.

3. Kill Quickly

Despite high damage, Selena is very soft and easy to kill, even by an Alucard. In case of team fight, Defeat Selena first and beat quickly.

4. Expand Hero Control Effect

In addition to soft, Selena will also be more easily killed if your team has many heroes with a control effect. It only has 1 ability to escape on its abyssal form and its cooldown is long enough. By locking her movement, she will not be able to run and barely useful in the game.

5. Use the Battle Spell Weaken

If you are faced in a one-on-one condition and use hero fighter or other close-range heroes, you simply use the Weaken battle spell as she approaches. Her strength will be reduced by 70% and the damage she generates will be very small. Take advantage of that short time to defeat Selena.

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