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Monday, July 2, 2018

Welcome Season 9! Here's 5 Hero Recommendations To Be So Mythic Fast!

Entering July 2018, it means Mobile Legends has entered the ranked season to-9. That is, there will be many good changes from hero to meta to the future later. Hero-hero who used to be strong may be weak in this season 9, or even weaker hero even stronger. But the possibility is also not closed to the new heroes that will be released along the running of patches during season 9 later. So you do not get the wrong buy or choose hero for ranked season 9 later, refer to the hero-hero following recommendations.

1. Johnson

No matter what the season, Johnson's role as a hero tank does not seem to fade. Since in-rework, Johnson has an area skill with excellent control effect. He also has a very strong defense that can withstand a lot of damage to the enemy. Not only that, Johnson also had the skill initiation from a distance and can turn the game.

2. Claude

Although still not released on the official server at this time, Claude's role will potentially beat other hero marksmans in season 9. The reason, Claude is a very strong hero marksman in team fight because it has a very annoying skill. Compared to other heroes who need time to get stronger, Claude is already strong at the start of the game and will get stronger into the late game.

3. Kaja

Since its appearance at the end of season 8, Kaja was instantly favored by both support players and tanks. Despite minimal control effect, Kaja can play more than hero like. He can kidnap enemy heroes, give shields, or generate damage to one enemy hero, either one on one or ganking.

4. Selena

After the information is released as a new hero next, Selena will be a hero assassin as well as a mage that will be ready to ruffle the hero of the opponent. It can be transformed into 2 forms of ranged and melee like Roger. All of Selena's skill is very deadly with very high damage. More cool, Selena's cooldown skill when in abyssal form (melee) can be reset if the enemy has an abyssal mark of elven form (ranged). Since the initial level alone, Selena already have high damage.

5. Aldous

This latest Hero fighter also has enormous potential as one of the very good fighter hero in rank season 9 later. Aldous can inflict enormous damage if it succeeds in accumulating many stacks in its passive skill. With good farming and items, Aldous could have killed 1 hero with just one hit! He also has the ultimate that can see all the enemy hero in the map and chase it so that the enemy can not run away everywhere.

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