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Sunday, September 2, 2018

5 Mandatory Preparation in Mobile PUBG Before Getting a Chicken Dinner!

If you want a Chicken Dinner at PUBG Mobile, you can't just play it. There is a guide to get it, especially you have to know the compulsory preparation of Mobile PUBG here.

Especially if you and your teammates want to participate in the Mobile PUBG tournament, this is definitely something to do before competing or training.

Here are 5 Mandatory Preparations in Mobile PUBG Before Getting a Chicken Dinner!

1. Comfortable

First you have to do is make the condition of your gadget in full performance, make sure the condition of the battery is full charge!

Clean all cache and files and applications that are not important to prevent laging and freeze when playing. If you can use gaming mode if your gadget has it so there is no notification that interferes with the shot.

2. Stable Internet Connection 

The second compulsory PUBG Mobile preparation is to set your gadget connection in a stable state and no interference. Do not let when you play using WiFi, there are people who use the network and download data.

This also applies if you want to compete in the PUBG Mobile tournament, make sure the connection provided by the committee is really smooth. If you are in doubt and your personal connection is better, you should choose your own data packet network.

3. Role Play Coordination

The skills of each team member must have their own specialization, therefore the division of role play in the team needs to be clearly discussed, in order to understand the duties of each player.

This coordination also determines what your team strategy is like when you jump on a location. Determining the playing style of a team also needs to be planned, to minimize the occurrence of miscommunication when playing.

4. Prime Body Condition 

Your body condition also affects the PUBG Mobile game performance. This compulsory PUBG Mobile preparation can make you get Chicken Dinner easily, as long as you are physically fit.

Especially when you want to play with friends for a long time, at least you should be in a comfortable position in playing.

5. Update on the Latest Mobile PUBG Info

Every day there are always changes or new findings that occur at PUBG Mobile. Make sure you don't miss information about new tricks or meta on PUBG Mobile.

Don't be lazy to find information, your delay in knowing new ways to play Mobile PUBG can be a shortage in getting a Chicken Dinner.

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