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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Build Harith Mobile Legends, Finish Enemies One by One!

Harith's presence at Mobile Legends certainly brought quite a lot of changes in the game. The agile hero who is one race with Nana has an extraordinary ability to produce high damage or lock the enemy movement instantly. He also has a cooldown skill that is quite short so it will be very difficult to catch up, especially heroes who don't have target hero skills.

This time, we will see the build of Harith that maximizes his magic damage while making him able to survive better. What are you curious about? See full details below.

Lightning Truncheon

After buying Boots at the beginning of the game, immediately make Lightning Truncheon as soon as possible to provide additional damage to the enemy. In addition, cooldown reduction is quite good when combined using custom mage emblems.

Arcane Boots

To strengthen the magic damage, Arcane Boots became the main choice as a movement item. The additional magic penetration will make Harith produce enough damage magic.

Calamity Reaper

In order to synchronize with the second skill that gives additional damage after using the skill, the Calamity Repaer is the most suitable choice as the next item. With only 1.5 seconds cooldown, the passive effect of this item will always be triggered considering the cooldown skill both will reset when attacking the enemy and are in the ultimate area.

Concentrated Energy

Like most mages, Harith also needs a vamp spell in order to survive in teamfight. Concentrated Energy will make it survive better than high damage from the first skill or both.

Thunder Belt

Strengthening the second skill and Calamity Reaper, Thunder Belt becomes the next item choice. Not only did Harith make it harder, the Thunder Belt would make enemies affected by Harith's basic attack while using the second skill slow down and get high damage! If you have this, don't try to kill Harith alone!

Holy Crystal

As the last item to strengthen its magic damage, Holy Crystal is the best choice. Additional damage magic from passive effects and stats makes Harith able to kill enemies quickly without mercy. 

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