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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Make Belerick Helpless! Here are 5 effective tips for Belerick Counter in Mobile Legends!

The presence of the latest tank hero in Mobile Legends, Belerick, has made many players happy. In addition to being strong, this hero can also be obtained for FREE at that time by following the event. Belerick has a unique passive ability where he will reverse enemy damage when losing HP and is very synchronous combined with Blade Armor. Even so, there are powerful ways to counter Belerick and make him powerless. Curious how do you do it? Check out the review below.

1. Use Hero Burst Damage

Because of his passive skills, Belerick will throw a number of magic damage to random units around him every time losing 200 HP. This will certainly be very annoying if you can't kill Belerick quickly with just a few skills. Use heroes to burst damage like Lesley, Eudora, or Aldous so Belerick doesn't turn over damage too often.
2. Use Hero with Control Effect

Like in most hero tanks, Belerick does not have the skills to escape which is good enough to make him weak against the control effect. Key movements using a variety of existing control effect and benefit hero Belerick burst damage to finish off quickly.

3. Avoid Heroes Relying on Attack Speed

As previously explained, every loss of 200 HP will make Belerick throw some damage magic. This is certainly a nightmare for heroes who rely on attack speed such as Zilong, Moskov, or Claude because instead of killing Belerick, he just dies alone.

4. Use the Demon Hunter Sword

If your team's condition makes it impossible to use hero burst damage and your team has a hero who relies on attack speed, then the Demon Hunter Sword is the main weapon. This item will quickly reduce Belerick's HP even though the return damage is quite sick. Make sure the marksman heroes only use this item.

5. Use Battle Spell Weaken

The last hope of killing Belerick is to use Weaken's battle spell before killing him. With this, Belerick's passive damage return won't hurt much even if it's only 3 seconds. Take advantage of that moment to finish it quickly.  

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