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Sunday, October 28, 2018

5 This Hero Mobile Legends is rarely banned in the Draft Pick Mode

Have you ever played Mobile Legends in draft pick mode? There you have to give up if the hero you want to use is banned by the enemy or your own team.

It seems like you have to master these 5 heroes, because this hero is rarely banned but very dangerous and deadly when late game. Here are the heroes who are rarely banned on Mobile Legends.

1. Alucard

 Hero fighter as well as this assassin has the ability to chase his enemy and is able to produce enormous damage, but we rarely find this hero banned. For whatever reason, Alucard was underestimated by other Mobile Legends players.

Though this hero is very deadly, plus this hero has no mana. So very helpful in the attack.

2. Vexana

This hero is rarely used when playing on draft pick mode. But Vexana has a huge damage and can be done from a safe distance. Passively can kill Minion very quickly.

The other skill can make opponents lose control. And the ultimate can make 5 vs 5 battles change to 5 v 6. So you must be able to master this hero, because it really helps your team.

3. Angela

Why should master the hero like this? because Angela was created with a good utility, hiler and gengker. Love Waves skills can hurt enemy heroes with additional slow effects as well as fairly ill damage.

Not to mention her Puppet on a String skill which could make the enemy unable to move for a while. Angela also has passive skills that can make her move faster after using skills.

4. Akai

One of the heroes that is rarely banned is Akai, this tank is able to play the best liniselter. And being able to live longer in a big war because of having quite a lot of {hp}. So there's no denying that this hero is also dangerous and troublesome.

5. Lesley

This hero is one of the marksman and assasin heroes in Mobile Legends to date. Lesley's ability to hurt enemies from a distance made her superior from the start of the game. The resulting damage is quite large and the cooldown is very short, which is 5 seconds.

Not to mention the ultimate snipe skill is able to attack the enemy hero as far as anything after the enemy is locked, which is easy to kill the enemy if you have HP below 15%. So if you master this hero, you don't need to worry because this hero is rarely banned.

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