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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Here are the 5 Best Hero Marksman Mobile Legends October 2018 Edition!

Hero marksman Mobile Legends is a Hero role that has the highest damage basic attacks from long range attacks. This role hero has the most important role among all roles because it can kill the opponent Hero quickly, even a tank with the right combination of items. The potential in the late game to destroy the turret is very reliable by one team. Not infrequently Hero Markman is often the main character in the game.

This month, there are 13 marksman heroes available in the game and some of them have more than one role. Of all the heroes, there are only 5 that can be called 'best' this month. Who are they? Check out the details here.

5. Irithel

The hero with this tiger has the highest basic attack damage in the game. Iritel can hurt the enemy quickly only with the basic attack. Not to mention if you have used the Ultimate, the basic attack will be explosive and the damage is very high in a large area.

With the right damage item, Irithel could have defeated all five enemies at once. Unfortunately, Irithel must be complacent in fifth place with winrate 51.88 percent.

4. Yi Sun-Shin

Hero of the legend of one of the Korean war generals has begun to demand again. The high damage generated from Blood Flood is one of the main reasons why Yi-Sun Shin is increasingly favored by the players even though he has been nerf many times. Not to mention the Ultimate, which has an area throughout the map, it can kill if there is an enemy Hero who is dying.

Not only that, Yi-Sun Shin can produce even higher damage when using a melee attack and make it one of the hero pusher. What's more, the appearance of Wind of Nature items makes it far superior to other heroes. This month, he has Winrate 51.88 percent.

3. Layla

Who is not familiar with the figure of this one hero? Layla as a Markman Basic Hero is still one of the best marksman heroes. This one hero actually cannot be underestimated considering the damage is very high if it succeeds in attacking from a great distance. Layla also has a Destruction Rush that is very good for doing kill secure or stealing Lord with the right timing.

Unfortunately, the level of difficulty using Layla increases depending on the user's rank. Layla has winrate 52.5 percent and makes it in third place this month.

2. Claude

In second place, Claude is still the choice of many players as hero marksman in the game. Its ability to steal attack speed, move places, and get shield when using Ultimate makes it very strong both from the beginning to the late game.

Claude is also arguably a Hero who has great damage thanks to his second and basic attack skills which can attack twice. In certain positions, fighting Claude alone will feel like fighting three heroes at once. No wonder he has a winrate of 53.8 percent this month.

1. Hanabi

Despite being affected by nerf, Hanabi still remained in the first position as the best marksman. Hanabi's potential in the game was no doubt. The basic attack can bounce to the nearest object when activating the first skill and the damage is quite high. Hanabi also has some very large control effect areas.

Relying on item damage and attack speed, Hanabi could have killed five heroes at once. Hanabi has a winrate of 57.75 percent this month.

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