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Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Strongest Build Kimmy Mobile Legends! A New Hero That Makes Analog Feelings Stronger

Analog taste will be felt even more if you play a new hero that has been launched recently, Kimmy is the 64th hero of Mobile Legends. Having a unique characteristic, Kimmy will use two analogues to move it, this is the strongest Kimmy build Mobile Legends.

With the skill set, the strongest build of our Kimmy Mobile Legends this time will not only rely on physical damage, but also combine items that have extra magical damage. What is the build of our magical marksman on this one?

1. Swift Boots

The first gear we can build is Swift Boots, giving an additional 15 percent attack speed. Besides that, an additional 40 movement speeds will make your Kimmy even more agile.

Kimmy is a hero who has an auto attack effect if you press the second analog on the right, besides that you have to manually direct the Kimmy attack. Unlike the heroes that have been, if you don't aim to eat, Kimmy attacks will not be anything.

2. Bloodlust Axe

We know that Kimmy is a Magical Marksman whose damage source is divided into two, half of physical attacks and half of magical attacks. Therefore the second gear can be called a gear that makes the ability of both of them balanced.

Bloodlust Axe has the effect needed by a hero with multiple abilities like Kimmy, this gear gives the effect of 70 physcal damage to add physical attacks. Have cooldown reductions that you can use to spam skills.

And the most important thing is, this gear gives a 20 percent spell vamp effect. So if you activate the skill, your skill will have a lifesteal effect. 

3. Feather of Heaven

This third gear to build semi magical Kimmy is an item that is actually a bit less suitable for use by Mages in Mobile Legends. Because this Gear besides giving extra magical attack points also gives additional attack speed.

Therefore, this gear is rarely used, with the existence of the Kimmy gear it is predicted that it will definitely be a favorite build. Because we know Kimmy requires additional attack speed too so that Kimmy's auto attack gets bigger.

In addition, this gear makes Kimmy's skill set more and more felt with the addition of 60 magical attack points. Also with this gear damage Kimmy to the enemy mage hero will get sicker, because the basic AP belongs to the opponent will be an additional damage of 40 percent.

4. Haas's Claw

The fourth gear is a gear that returns an additional effect on physical damage. You can make Haas’s Claw an alternative choice. Because of this gear in addition to providing an additional 70 physical attack points, also a lifesteal addition that Kimmy needs to survive.

But you can replace this gear with another Physical Attack gear, which also has an attack, true damage or critical effect. Like Berserker Fury and also Endless Battle. You can adjust which build is suitable from the situation or who you are facing.

5. Lightning Truncheon

The sixth gear is the gear that gives effect or additional damage to the magical damage of Kimmy, Lightning Truncheon can make Kimmy's Skill more painful. This is also due to the passive skill of Kimmy that will amplify or strengthen Kimmy's active skills.

Because with Lightning Truncheon, every six seconds the skill that Kimmy has will give additional damage to the three opponents, the maximum number of mana possessed by Kimmy.

In addition, this gear also provides cooldown reductions, which makes Kimmy easier to spam.

6. Divinie Glaive

Because this Kimmy build also relies on magical damage as one of the sources, we also need a gear that gives magic penetration effects. Because for the boots we have chosen swift boots for additional attack speed.

Then we are not likely to make shoes with the Magic Penetration attribute, therefore, for the magical damage from Kimmy to be felt, the sixth gear to be chosen is Divinie Glaive. Give a very large Magic Penetration effect.

Make this gear become like armor reductions for magical armor. In addition, if your opponent's HP is more than 70 percent, there will be an additional damage of 30 percent if we use the skill towards the opponent.

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