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Sunday, November 18, 2018

4 Things You Need to Know About Hanzo, Next Hero in Mobile Legends

Currently on Mobile Legends advanced server there is a new assassin that appears, the hero is named Hanzo. As long as we know before being officially released on the official server, the new heroes will first be released on the advanced server. Well it looks like Hanzo will be the next hero to appear on the Mobile Legends official server.

Had been rumored as a hero fighter, but it turned out that Hanzo came as an assassin hero. And just like Roger and Selena, Hanzo also turned out to be able to change form. Before Hanzo is officially released on the official server, you should know some of the following facts about Hanzo.

1. Hanzo's background

Hanzo includes a ninja who is a member of the Akakage clan, and Hanzo controls a high-level ninja. When fighting a demon named Hanakage, the Akakage clan made a holy sword and managed to seal the demon into the sword. Only the Akakage clan members knew where to store this holy sword.

But it turned out that the god of death, Izanami was eager to raise up Hanakage. To achieve this goal, Izanami inserted his soul into one of the members of the Akakagi clan namely Hanzo. Because of this, Hanzo became very strong and succeeded in releasing Hanakage.

Between Hanzo and Hanakage then a mutually beneficial relationship is established, because they need each other. And that's why Hanzo is often referred to as a devil servant ninja.

2. Passive Skill Hanzo: Ame no Habakiri

Hanzo's passive skill made Hanzo get 2 Demon Blood from monsters and minions, and get 10 Demon Blood from each dead hero. This is the energy Hanzo will consume when using Ultimate skills. Hanzo relies heavily on Ultimate skills to be much stronger, so when you use Hanzo you have to kill monsters or minions frequently to gather energy.

The less energy Hanzo collects when using ultimate skills, the duration of transformation will also be shorter and Hanzo's ultimate skill will be nothing.

3. Hanzo 1 and 2 skills

Hanzo's 1st skill, the Demon Feast, this skill can only be used on minions, jungle monsters, turtles, and lords. And this skill can only be used after attacking five times with basic attack. What is certain is that this skill really helps for farming, which is why Hanzo can level up very quickly. You have to remember, this Hanzo skill 1 has no effect if it is used on a hero.

Hanzo's 2nd Skill, Soul Reap, Hanzo will open a portal that deals physical damage to the enemy. The portal will be active for 4.5 seconds, and each of these portals will cause Hanzo damage to get the Blood Demon. This skill also has a slow effect, and the DPS (Damage Per Second) that it has includes is pretty good to reduce enemy blood slowly.

4. Ultimate Skill: Pinnacle Ninja

This is Hanzo's uniqueness, by using this skill Hanzo can turn into the Supreme Demon Ninja. When changing, Hanzo will get 20 Blood Demon, and get an additional 30% motion speed and 20% attack speed. Now, as discussed earlier, this skill consumes the energy (Blood Demon) that you collect. The more Demon Blood you have, then the duration of the Supreme Demon Ninja mode will be even longer.

You must remember, if Hanzo is killed in the Supreme Demon Ninja mode then Hanzo will return to his original form. But Hanzo will get weaker, and if killed in his original form, Hanzo will die instantly. So when using this ultimate skill, you have to be good at finding a hiding place or asking for a back up from your teammates to protect your original body.             

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