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Saturday, November 17, 2018

5 Advantages of Harith Mobile Legends You Need to Know!

Harith is one of the talented wizards from the Feline nation. Harith is from a cat human race, similar to Nana. Harith has the talent to master the magic of space and time, therefore Harith is often referred to as Time Traveler.

Behind Harith's cute and cute appearance, Harith has terrible abilities. Especially if guarded by a strong hero tank like the Minotaur, Harith can freely give damage to enemies in the game.

Well before you start trying to play this agile hero mage, you should first understand this Harith hero. More curious about Harith? Here are 5 advantages that you must know:

1. Harith is a very agile mage hero, and difficult to defeat

Usually mage type heroes do not have the skills to escape, but this does not apply to Harith. Chrono Dash can make Harith move quickly. Harith's Chrono Dash can also activate shields and deal damage to enemies. This makes Harith a mage that is hard to beat.

2. Mastering Harith is not difficult, provided you know how to target the enemy

All skills possessed by Harith have the ability to be able to control movement, both for running and attacking. Harith is indeed one of the tough heroes. But once you understand how to target enemies, then Harith will be easier for you to master. At least playing Harith is much easier when compared to Selena and Kagura.

3. From the beginning to the end of the game, Harith can be a hero who disturbs enemies

At the beginning of the game Harith could easily finish off the Minion lane. Harith is also able to defeat enemies in the same lane. Besides being known to be very agile, Harith is hard to beat because Chrono Dash has a short cooldown time. Both Synchro Fission or Chrono Dash, all the skills possessed by this one hero are indeed very annoying.

4. Harith's magic attack can cause high damage because it is critical

As stated earlier, Harith is a terrible mage. That's because Harith can give critical magic damage. Of course this is unpredictable by the enemy, an initially ordinary Harith attack can suddenly produce high damage due to critical. Especially if your Harith already uses Holy Crystal and Berserker's Fury items. Really scary right?

5. Harith has passive skills that can reduce the duration of enemy control effect skills.

The passive skill possessed by Harith was very beneficial. Harith got a reduction in the control effect, so Harith could easily escape. Even though Harith is surrounded by enemies, Harith can still escape using Chrono Dash or Flicker. At least more than 3 heroes need to be able to kill Harith.  

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