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Sunday, November 25, 2018

6 Practical Suggestions for Getting a Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile War Mode

Innovation and creation are an integral part of PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) Mobile. That's what makes this genre capable of being one of the favorites of gamers.

PUBG Mobile has a game variant that allows gamers to do everything they can to achieve victory or get a chicken dinner. One of the newer breakthroughs of the PUBG Mobile developer is the new game mode labeled War Mode.

This mode is one of the many variants that are in demand by gamers. Unique impression becomes a magnet. The War Mode mode model does not offer the 'battle royale' attraction.

The new side of PUBG Mobile invites players to compete to collect the most points while playing against enemies. So, PUBG Mobile does not always present a survival arena. The developer wants to make sure there is another side that will not give boredom to the players.

The status war mode that is 'newbie' becomes more exciting atmosphere. Therefore, it needs special practical tricks for players who want to get the chicken dinner predicate at PUBG Mobile. Here are some steps to choose from:

1. Understand the PUBG Mobile Mode War System

To start playing War Mode on PUBG Mobile, you need to know about this mode game system. So, in this mode the point system applies, not just killing the enemy.

You will get three points when you successfully kill the enemy, one point if you succeed in making the enemy knock down, and if you succeed in saving a friend, you also get one point.

In addition, you can still live again even though you were killed while the game is still running. Therefore, there is no need to worry if you lose first.

2. Master various types of weapons

The introduction of various types of weapons is important because you can only use one type of weapon when you land. So, before getting another item, make the most of the weapons that you carry.

3. Immediately plunge and choose a landing location

Unlike Arcade Mode, you have to make sure the landing location is really right. This method is important so that you and your friends can master the area quickly.

Not only that, you must be ready before the landing. The reason is, you will immediately be equipped with weapons, as well as enemies, so you must be prepared if there is an attack.

4. No need to rush Looting

When playing War Mode, there is no need to rush to collect equipment. Because, you can be an easy target for enemies. It's good, you choose one location as a base. However, before you have to make sure you have mastered the location first.

5. Pay attention to the Airdrop that appears

Like other modes, you also need to pay attention to airdrop which contains rare items, such as armor, weapons, or clothing. In the War Mode itself, Airdrop that drops will be more frequent and offers good opportunities.

6. Don't Hesitate to Use Grenades

An important suggestion in the PUBG Mobile game is to not hesitate to use grenades, including in this mode. Moreover, in this mode you will get one grenade when you come back to life.

So, when is the right time to use this grenade? This item is very useful for carrying out sudden attacks on enemies to get out of hiding places in bushes or buildings.                   

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