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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Arena of Valor New Features! Dance?

After a lot of leaks about rumors that the Arena of Valor will be coming new features in the near future. What is that? The upcoming feature is Dance-style moba, so far it is not known how it will be used or can be used in any mode, but this shows that Tencent and Garena always make changes that aim to make the player's playing experience even more enjoyable, imagine if this feature can be used when the match takes place, besides adding beauty and pleasure, surely there are toxic elements that seem elegant, for example you taunt while dancing when you win matches or successfully solo kill your enemies, it must be very exciting.

This dance feature also has several slots, which seem to be some types and forms of dance that you might later get through the shop or other features.

We also got the video above from the Arena of Valor test server, so it's certain that this feature will come out even though it's not clear when this feature will be released.

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