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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Only For Rich People, 5 Skin Mobile Legends Have The Most Expensive Prices

Skin is one of the useful items to beautify your hero in Mobile Legends. By getting and using skin, your character can be different and at the same time cooler than others. Even so, you must buy this skin hero in order to use it.

There are various skins sold in Mobile Legends. The more rare and cool the skin, the more expensive it will be. Here are 5 of the most expensive Mobile Legends skins that will make you think twice about buying these skins.

1. Rafaela (Flower Fairy)

The first skin is a skin from Rafaela's hero, Flower Fairy. Released to coincide on Easter, this skin is designed with identical Easter attributes such as flowers and eggs. The colors of these skins are also diverse, making your Rafaela more elegant and beautiful. You must have 899 diamonds to get this skin.

2. Zilong (Glorious General)

Next is a cool skin from Zilong, Glorious General. Dominated by gold, this skin will make your Zilong shine even more on the battlefield. The Glorious General Skin adds cool skill effects like a dragon that shines when Zilong uses the ultimate skill. Even so, the price of this skin is quite expensive, which is around 899 diamonds.

3. Bane (Count Dracula)

After reworking, Bane returned with his fancy skin, Count Dracula. Released to coincide on Halloween, Skin Count Dracula looks frightening and elegant. You must have 1080 diamonds to get this cool skin.

4. Saber (Codename Storm)

Next is the second most expensive skin from Hero Saber, Codename Storm. This skin has many very cool effects such as robot sounds and animations. Even when recalled, the Saber will change and fly to return to base.

Even so, you can't directly buy this skin. You have to get it by playing the draw called Magic Wheel. You need 60 diamonds for one round. Some players who try the Magic Wheel spend 200 rounds or around 12,000 diamonds to get this skin.

5. Miya (Modena Butterfly)

The most expensive skin is from Miya's hero, Modena Butterfly. Modena Butterfly skin also has cool skill and recall effects. With a beautiful and elegant design.

Even so, you have to rotate the Magic Wheel to get this skin. With 60 diamonds per round, you need at least more than one round and high luck to get this skin. At least you will need more than 16,000 diamonds to get this skin.

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