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Saturday, December 15, 2018

5 Unique Things Battle Royale that You Can Only Get on the Latest Free Fire

Who said playing the battle roy game couldn't find entertainment other than defeating all enemies? In fact you can make campfires and look fancy in the latest Free Fire game (new patch) at the end of 2018.

Because in the latest Free Fire now, there are many features and all the other additional equipment in the game that make you free to express yourself in defeating survival.

So the way to get Booyah on the latest Free Fire already has many other variations, of course, the easiest way is to endure the last and shoot your enemies as fast as possible.

But compared to other battle royale games, you can get Booyah with the help of the 5 unique things that are on this latest Free Fire. What are these 5 things?

1. Sport Car

This is the coolest and most classy vehicle on the latest Free Fire, you can find a sports car in the middle of the island even though it will be very difficult to get it.

Although the number of sports cars is very limited, if you have driven it, you can be sure you can escape from enemy attacks faster and the enemy will not have time to avoid this car. This vehicle has a faster speed than other vehicles on the latest Free Fire.

2. King Mushroom

Then the unique thing that you can only find on the latest Free Fire is the presence of King Mushroom. Only in this game, you can burn mushrooms in the middle of a shootout to get Energy Point.

Especially now that there is King Mushroom, the effect of eating this large mushroom can instantly fill your EP bar instantly! Basically you must burn this mushroom and eat in a safer place.

3. Landmine

Not only is there mushrooms, the unique thing that you can only find in the latest Free Fire is the presence of weapons such as Landmine. You can put the ground bomb secretly and make enemies passing through the area instantly lose!

This landmine is perfect for those of you who want to kill enemies secretly. Make sure you put the trap in front of the door, especially when the zone shrinks towards the house.

4. Slot Skill

Do you know? For the Free Fire character you have a feature in the form of a slot to add ability to fight like buffs.

Previously the skill slot only had 2 slots, in the latest Free Fire it was added to 3 slots! Of course this changes the gameplay of each player, and there will be a lot of skill variations to get Booyah!

5. Free Fire character

The most different and unique thing about Free Fire is the many characters that you can use in battle! Not only changing costume clothes and weapon skin, but also characters can be changed.

Moreover, each character has its own special abilities, each ability can benefit you in certain conditions. In this latest update, Free Fire is the arrival of a new character named Antonio!

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