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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Booyah! This is the Deadliest Weapon on Free Fire

In Free Fire, there are a lot of scattered deadly weapons in every place. Of course the right weapon selection will make it easier for you to get Booyah!

Well, on this occasion, we want to recommend you some of the deadliest weapons in the Free Fire that you can use to get Booyah!

1. KAR98K

The most deadly weapon in the Free Fire that you can use is KAR98K. This type of Sniper Rifle has tremendous damage.

Moreover, this weapon is very suitable to fight enemies far from our distance, because KAR98K has 8x scope that can be used to see enemies from a distance.

2. AWM

AWM is a weapon that you can only get through Airdrop. Although you can rarely get it, this weapon has very large damage.

Moreover, this type of Sniper Rifle is suitable for lurking enemies with long distances. But you must be vigilant when using this weapon, because the reload needed is also quite long.


The SKS is an Assault Rifle type of weapon that has considerable damage. In addition, this weapon is also suitable for fighting enemies from a distance, because it is equipped with scope x4.

4. SVD

SVD or commonly known as Dragunov weapons are Assault Rifle type weapons which have quite high damage.

Even so, this weapon is quite difficult to obtain. Because it can only be found through Airdrop.

5. P90

Turning to Sub Machine Gun, P90 is a weapon that you can use to defeat enemies.

Even though the damage produced is not large enough, this weapon has a fairly fast shooting speed, so that it can finish off enemies easily.

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