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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Enemy's lunge! This is the Latest Gatotkaca Mobile Legends Build That Must Be Used!

Who would have thought Gatotkaca would be a contested tank besides Johnson in the current meta. Changes and some buffs given made Gatotkaca very popular. Therefore your Gatotkaca build must also change and be strong!

What's the main reason Gatotkaca is a tank hero that is very popular now? It turns out that the effect of the ultimate skill Avatar of Guardian can now attract enemies in the fall area of Gatotkaca to the middle!

Not to mention the damage given is now very large and hit by knock for 1 second. Not only that, the changes to Gatotkaca's Ubreakable skill are also more deadly!

Build Gatotkaca no longer matches the type of magic damage. Because now Unbreakable skills can easily reduce physical damage HP heroes like Marksman and Assassin!

Especially now, the meta hero Marksman, so now you really have to focus on playing Gatotkaca as a tank that is good at gank. Then the Gatotkaca build must provide body resistance and large HP!

Here's the latest Gatotkaca build:

1. Demon Shoes

The first item in the Gatotkaca build is definitely shoes, and what shoes are suitable for Gatotkaca? Because this hero must actively do gank with the second skill, the Demon Shoes are suitable for Gatotkaca.

Because these shoes can give 30 mana regen and 40 movement speed. So that Gatotkaca during the game can continue to do gank.

But if you can already calculate which usage and can be used in using skills, we recommend using Plunder shoes that can provide 300 HP and gold extra when doing kill or assists.

2. Blade Armor

Blade Armor is very suitable for use by Gatotkaca, because this gear can restore enemy physical damage by 25% plus the Unbreakable ability that is getting sicker to beat the enemy backwards!

Blade armor offers a large enough amount of armor as much as 90 points, but the effect of this item is very deadly for the Marksman and Assassin.

3. Immortality

Mandatory items for this tank hero do not get left behind, but if you are in the Gatotkaca build, you can make the third Immortality item that you must have.

Because this item gives you extra life and gives 15% of your cellphone and shield to absorb damage.

4. Thunder Belt

This is the item that is the strongest weapon for the Gatotkaca build now. Additional HP, armor, and the main ones are cooldown reductions and maana regen which makes Gatotkaca not need to hesitate for spam skills.

The other deadliest thing is that the passive effect of Thunderbolt is very frightening for every Gatotkaca to use skills. Gatotkaca punch damage can increase by 2% from the HP we have.

5. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

Not only the Thunder Belt, if you add this gear, Gatotkaca will be even more frightening.

This item provides an additional 1000 HP, 15 physical attacks, and 10% cooldown reduction! Even more frightening.

Because of the passive effect, Demonize can reduce 50% of enemy damage when a hero's HP is under 40% plus a physical lifesteal of 30% for 5 seconds!

6. Sky Guardian Helmet

This is the Gatotkaca build item that makes it unnecessary to return to the base frequently. Because this item provides 100 HP regen and an additional 1550 HP and an additional 1.5% regen from the total HP that we have.

Especially if you have added a special emblem to the Tank hero, the more successful Gatotkaca build has been to destroy enemy formation.

As much as possible you maximize Custom Tank Emblems by maximizing HP and magical defense additions, because this Gatotkaca build maximizes HP and physical defense.

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