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Monday, December 10, 2018

Here are 5 Heroes for Counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends! Auto Dead!

Hanzo's presence in Mobile Legends brings a lot of changes in the game. Many powerful heroes like Leomord or Gatotkaca are made helpless against this one demon ninja.

This high damage and fast farming can bring trouble to your team if it's not handled properly. However, there are several potential heroes to counter Hanzo easily! At least, there are five counter Hanzo hero in the game.

1. Fanny

The hardest hero in Mobile Legends is one of the heroes that every Hanzo user must watch out for. By utilizing the Steel Cable, Fanny can quickly search for Hanzo's main body hiding behind bushes and turrets.

Plus the cable spam in the closest direction, Hanzo will die quickly because Hanzo doesn't have the skills to escape. But make sure that you really can play Fanny hero!

2. Natalia

If Fanny is so frightening because of her speed, then Natalia is a horrible figure that is not visible. Natalia could have watched Hanzo's movements from a distance from the bushes.

This is an opportunity for Natalia to finish off Hanzo without being seen at all.

3. Harith

Fighting Harith is really annoying, especially if you use Hanzo. This hero one is very agile and difficult to kill by Hanzo alone.

If Harith manages to find Hanzo's original body, Harith can easily spam Chrono Dash after using the Age of Force and finish off Hanzo's main body hiding.

4. Eudora

Even though you can take off your body, Hanzo's HP is very low and can be easily killed. Because of that, Eudora who has the fastest damage burst is very effective when facing Hanzo.

Whether with human form or demon ninja, Hanzo must be vigilant when facing Eudora because with just one skill combo, Hanzo can just disappear. Who would have thought that this basic hero actually turned Hanzo's deadly counter right?

5. Claude

Lively and has a high attack speed makes Claude very powerful when dealing with Hanzo. Claude can easily move quickly using his second skill.

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